Country: Brazil
Title: Evil Desire
Label: Grimm Distribution / Todestrieb Records
Year: 2018
Style: Doom Metal

At first sight I have to admit I was pretty stocked to listen to this album; the band name, the album title and the amazing cover art (almost iconic I could say) and the fabulous reviews from listeners online were all hints of a superb album. But I was quite disappointed to tell you the truth, the band has indeed tremendous potential and seems to be focused towards a successful continuation of their journey, but at least on this album from my point of view the synthetic drums are awful, in total contrast with the old-school ('70's like) vibe of the band, the vocals have an excellent timbre, but the guy sounds bored about his music, he seem to be constantly trying to joke around, again in contrast with the somehow spooky atmosphere of the compositions, and last but not least the guitar riffs on a couple of tracks are way too generic and simplistic even for a band hailing the primitive form of a genre. On the other side there are some good and even excellent things about the band, too: the already mentioned vocal timbre has potential to give you the chills if the guy (Mark Rainbow) wants to, the bass lines are great, really great, the guitar solos are tasty and catchy as fuck, and the most part of the guitar riffs are actually very good. Old Pentagram and Saint Vitus are clear influences for Dirty Grave, fans of these bands might have a nice surprise with Evil Desire, so if you're into such sounds give the band a change.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10