Country: Brunei
Title: Prevail
Label: Black Mystic Productions
Year: 2016
Style: Melodic Black Death Metal

How often do you stumble upon a Metal release from Brunei? Well, I'm no Brunei Metal expert either, in fact this is probably my first CD from that country, so even if by now it's an old release, someone spent their hard-worked money to send it to me so I have decided to review it. This is actually the debut demo by Narsarakh, a three tracks effort clocking almost 15 minutes of playing time, the demo that previewed the band's next releases, two splits and a full-length album out last year. Although no keyboard player is mentioned in the band line-up, this demo features heavy use of keyboards on the background creating that mystical atmosphere we used to get in the '90's in Europe, and if we add the somehow outdated guitar effects, Heavy Metal-like guitar solos, and the raw recording, we can say it sounds like a demo recording from East Europe from the second part of the '90's, but a good recording nonetheless, you'll have no problem distinguishing the instruments and vocal parts. The compositions, although not innovative or original in any way, shape or form, are really good, catchy, genuine, giving you the impression they really like what they do and they stand tall behind their music, it gives the impression of confidence. Not sure what band I could compare them with, but if you like Melodic Black Death demo recordings from the '90's and you have the chance, give this band a listen, you might find something we're missing more and more nowadays: honest enthusiasm. Not sure if this demo regularly comes as that, but my copy came signed by the band members and featuring a band logo patch, too; pretty neat, I'll keep this in high regard!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10