Greetings Daniele, thank you for accepting to talk with us! How are you lately? How's the label?
Well, thanx for interview! Now I'm running Black Tears online store on Ebay, but of course I sell also as mailorder outside Ebay. Black tears has two new profiles on Myspace and Facebook.
Facebook: black tears blacktearsofdeath
You founded Black Tears Of Death Records in 1996, was it a distro first or it started as a label from the beginning? What pushed you to form a distro/label in the first place?
It started as a label, with a compilation tape. In the beginning I had a very small distro with tapes. I founded it for extreme love for metal music. I listen to metal since 1984. And I get many contacts with bands worldwide, with my zines called Antropophagy (1991/1994) and Maleus Maleficarum (1995/1997).
I know that you first started out with compilations. Why? Do you think it's best to start your label with compilations or go with splits / full-lengths?
It was only 1996. Then I had some bands in my contacts, so I proposed to be part of a compilation. I was also in tape/demo trading. Now for a new label it's easy to start with a full length album for a band. Many ways to distribute, and to print CDs is easier than 15 years ago.
Which was your first band released on CD and how was it received by the press/labels/fans? What do you remember from then? Have you invested a lot of money in production or you had friends that helped you as well?
First release was Throned MCD "Watching the Lands of Purity" and it was not well reviewed... Too minimal, as sound and layout. Then I released another MCD in 1998. Sacradis "Sacradis Infernalis" and in the following years Sacradis began as a sort of a cult band in Underground Black Metal. I was, I an and I will be the only person behind Black Tears!
How many releases have BTOD so far and how many of them are still available?
A new release will be out soon then I released for Black Tears 24 titles. I have a few copies of Spell Forest "Lucifer Rex" CD. Othe titles are sold out.
You've worked with many bands and some became well known in the scene during the years, but which one do you think was your best collaboration?
My best collaboration, is my fave band: Evol. Unfortunately they split-up, but I released in 2001 "Dies Irae" CD which includes both demos. It's the most important release for Black Tears. 2000 copies were made.
What's the status of BTOD now? Do you still release stuff or you're getting tired of it?
I'm tired of market, but not tired of my label. I'll release Satanel CD second print titled "Nato dal fuoco" with layout of Lorenzo Mariani (Darkthrone's cover "Sardonic Wrath"). But many things changed. However Black Tears is going on...
After so many years in the scene, is this your "work" or do you still have a side-job? Which are the best things that happened to you since starting the label?
I have a side-job. I'm too little label to get it as job. I had many contacts, then I meet many people worldwide, both for label and zines.
If anyone is interested in starting his/her own label, what would you suggest for the beginning? What should they be aware of?
Well, choose a good band, then promote it worldwide the best way possible, with promo stuff by mail, and online.
Is BTOD still accepting demos? What styles are accepted and what should a band know before sending you their promo?
No. Nowadays I still accept trades with CDs. I accept only stuff into black, death, gothic metal. No glam, no numetal... And I don't accept promos, because I have a few releases ready for 2010.
How's your daily life, do you spend a lot of time dealing with label related things or it's just a time-to-time thing?
I go to work from 8 AM to 3 PM, then I spend other time for label, contacts and sometime for friend.
How do you see the scene in Europe now? there are countless bands/labels/zines, it's better than 15 years ago or whorse?
Many interesting bands, especially from Poland. Some years ago the underground spirit was the most important thing into music scene. Now it's too digital. You can find everything online.

What else should we expect from BTOD for the near future?
I hope some new releases and an active mailorder.
Thanks a lot for your tine, I wish you all the best.
Thanx for interview and interest in Black Tears! Forever Underground!!! Join all the colors of black!!!

September 2009