Country: Portugal
Title: Rebirth
Label: Lusitanian Music
Year: 2018
Style: Progressive Death Metal

First time I hear about this Portugal based band although it was founded back in 2011 and this is already the fourth full-length album produced under this moniker, yet all of them are independently released so thins might explain a few things. Up until last year Colosso was a full line-up band featuring 5 members, but at the moment it seems it's either a one man band of Max Tome, the founding member, or a duo if drummer Emidio Alexandre is still around (and he should be as he only joined in 2017...). This new material is made of 14 tracks and clocks 35 minutes of playing time, but the 14 tracks are actually only 7 but featured in both instrumental version and with the vocal part; featuring only their final version, with vocals, would have been awkward to name this an album, and still it's awkward naming it that way, but there are no rules anymore anyway. Talking about the music on it, I'd say it's a Progressive Death Metal with occasional Industrial touches, constructing a massive, dense and colossal atmosphere, so from this point of view the band's name is spot on. The production is good but I find it a bit muddy, almost chaotic at times. The growling vocals are excellent enhancing that massive sound impression Colosso's music gives you; I don't like the clean vocals though, I like the idea and the complexity they give to the overall music, but I don't particularly enjoy the final outcome, on the other hand I think the addition of Black Metal shrieks and moans (DSBM like) is an excellent addition. All in all as a general impression I'd say it sounds like a project in formation, experimenting with everything and in search for its own way, and it sounds promising indeed.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10