Country: Germany
Title: Ten Years of Total Goat Worship
Label: Stunde des Ideals / Total Death
Year: 2017
Style: Thrash Black Metal

As you may have guessed it, this is not a new studio album from Waffentrager Luzifers but rather a compilation of tracks released along the 10 years of activity that are being celebrated here. 20 tracks, almost 70 minutes of playing time released in form of a Digipak limited to only 67 copies, and a box limited to 33 copies featuring a flag, a patch and a poster as bonus goodies, so I guess for their fans this will be a real treat, and after 10 years of activity, coming from such an effervescent Metal scene as Germany's, it won't be long until they move all copies, or at least it shouldn't be. The music on it, for those unfamiliar with the band, is a primitive, simplistic Black Metal with serious Thrash and Punk influences, and even a few (rare indeed) Heavy Metal hints here and there. So we're dealing with constant speed, repetitive rhythms, monotone screaming vocals, organic, analog recordings and the word Satan in almost all track titles, a simplistic description for a simplistic music, Hellhammer comes to mind at first when listening to this. I'm not a fan of such recordings, I have to admit it, as I find the tracks having little to no variety at all, not to mention the catchiness level that's close to zero, but I'm sure (and I know) there are plenty of you guys out there that prefer this rough, primitive type of compositions to the nowadays over-cosmetized and over-shiny production, so you might give this a try.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10