Skeletal Remains are a new death metal band hailing from the USA. Coming from the country which their genre was invented and pioneered Skeletal Remains do their heritage justice. With a morbid style of well played death metal in the vein of early Pestilence and Gorguts. With a killer demo with awesome production and a signing with FDA Rekotz Skeletal Remains have managed to establish themselves very well within 18 months of formation. 

Hello and greetings from the UK! Can you give us a little history and background to the beginnings of the band?
Well Skeletal Remains Started Off Around May Of 2011 As Me(Chris) And Mike De La O Originally under the name Anthropophagy. We Just Wanted To Start Jamming Together so We Wrote some songs and thats when we contacted Christian And started jamming together about a few weeks later we had about three songs down so we went into record our first demo, In the process of recording Mike had to leave the band due to personal reasons so I ended up finishing the rest of the recordings and thats when i contacted both adrians to come in on guitar and bass and decided to change our name to Skeletal Remains.

Skeletal Remains formed in 2011 and you managed to get your demo out in the same year can you tell us how you managed to get the demo done so quickly?
Well i guess when me and mike started jamming we already had an idea in what style we wanted the music to sound like and we already had some riffs as soon as we finished the first couple songs we went into record and shortly after released the demo.

The production is very good for a demo, can you tell us how the recording process went?
Yea the Demo came out alot better than we expected we did it just with a friend from high school in our garage so we didnt expect much from it we just wanted to get our music out there and be heard as soon as possibe. 

How did the signing with FDA Rekotz come about?
Well Rico from FDA Rekotz contacted us about releasing our demo on tape i guess he really liked the music and shortly after he offered to also release our Full length which should be coming out Novemeber 2012.

Your influences progressed into a much more progressive and technical style over their careers. Are Skeletal Remains looking to do the same? 
That they did, but as for Skeletal remains we dont see our sound changing much in the future maybe add some technicallity to the music but thats about it just expect some good old school death metal and be prepared to get SKULL FUCKED!

How is the scene in LA? Is there a good amount of venues to organize shows at? And what other local bands do you play with / like? 
The Scene Is pretty good out here not as strong as it was a couple years back but its still ok as far as venues there isnt much to play or atleast we havent played many we usually play backyard shows, alot of the venues are usually pay to play here they make you sell like 50 tickets or someshit so we havent really played many Venues.

So what's the next move for Skeletal Remains, is a full length planned soon?
Yes our full length "Beyond The Flesh" will Be Getting Released In Novemeber 2012 Via Fda Rekotz Records and aside that we are just working on new music for our next release and playing shows possibly a Small European tour in 2013.

Thank you for the interview and keep up the good work! 
Thank you For the Interview And thanks to all the fans for supporting!! \ m /!

Interviewed by Dan Alderson

June 2012