Country: France
Title: Memoria Sylvarum
Label: Independent
Year: 2017
Style: Medieval Black Metal

I have to admit I always found this band's image as incomplete, in all their pictures they try to be medieval they always slip something that has nothing to do with those times (like jeans, gothic-like long leather jackets or even moto rider leather jackets), which made them somehow unserious to my eyes. On the other hand their music was always a nice surprise and especially this fourth full-length opus is a total blast for a "maniac of the '90's like me", meaning a mid-tempo Black Metal with plenty of acoustic guitars all over, excellent "true" Metal-like guitar solos and melodic leads here and there and mystical, dense atmospheric keyboards, all this on top of some clever and complex display of guitar riffs and supported by a gritty, organic yet clean production. Most probably the band's best offering to date is a diverse, thick discharge of melodic, atmospheric and medieval-inspired Black Metal that will please a large portion of this genre's fanatics. Darkenhold are not reinventing the wheel, instead they deliver what can be easily described as good Metal music.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10