Country: Brazil
Title: Savagery
Label: STF Records
Year: 2018
Style: Heavy Power Metal

The band was formed back in 1997, yet this is their debut album, 20 years after... Not sure what's the reason behind this, but it's clear they missed to reach their potential in the meantime and probably now it's just about nostalgia and remembering the times rather than actually aiming for something as the band members are well past their teens. Anyway, we're served here with 10 tracks running for a bit over 40 minutes, a good mix of American Heavy Metal and German Power Metal, powerful, epic, energetic to the bone and quite catchy too I'd say; think of a blend between Hammerfall, Primal Fear and Agent Steel, even Manowar at times, no keyboards, so all melody is based and made by guitars (and what a great job they do!). So yes, the main job here is done by the guitars, then the excellent drumming, organic and energetic, and also the vocalist has an excellent timbre, but unfortunately the years say their words in his case, when he's pushing too much (on high pitches mostly) he looses balance, tone and focus and that sounds absolutely terrible, but most of the time he sounds really good, is just that he has to be really careful now that years have passed. All in all we get a very good sounding album here, not original indeed, but enjoyable, entertaining and fit for live shows; I've gone through it easily a few times already and I'm still not bored, on the contrary, it grows on me every time I listen again, so I recommend it to you too. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10