Country: Czech Republic
Title: Luciferuv efekt
Label: Defense Records / Maximed Records
Year: 2019
Style: Thrash Metal

Second studio album from Czech Stolen Lives, 4 years apart from their debut, Luciferuv efekt features 12 new tracks although the total duration is around 25 minutes of playing time, so we're dealing with short tracks, straight to the point, without much on the side to "trick" the listener, what you hear is what the band is at the moment, or what they were when composing these tracks. Mostly frantic Thrash Metal but with its occasional respiro moments and even some Progressive touches here and there, but too few to influence the overall result decisively. Most of the time they are all about speed (like trying to reach Grindcore level), but we're served also some dark passages that show us another face of the band, again too few to influence the outcome. Besides the sickening speed the band's music is also highlighted by a demented vocalist, a mix between Thrash and Punk, with an angry and offensive attitude, singing in Czech language (well thought was the idea to feature both Czech and English versions of their lyrics in the CD booklet), but the main problem here is the material is quite dull and there's no major difference between tracks, for someone who doesn't speak Czech and cannot relate to the lyrics much, the tracks sound one like the other and that's what's dragging down this album. The album has a decent production, organic, clear and I don't think one might have major complaints about it, but unfortunately that's not enough. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10