Country: Poland
Title: Into the Dark
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Black Death Metal

The name doesn't tell us anything, just another new band from the ever so productive Polish Extreme Metal scene, but once we mention the fact this band is made of Vader, Lux Occulta, Hate and Batushka members things change a bit and one becomes curios about it all. This is the band's debut EP, yet I would have named it a Single actually as it features only one original tracks and a cover of Lux Occulta's Passing Away track taken off their first demo; Lux Occulta being my all times fave Polish band I was quite curious to see what track Mysthicon chose to cover and was quite puzzled to see they've chosen one from Lux Occulta's debut demo, not one from their 5 studio albums... I wonder why. It's also curious to see Mysthicon was formed back in 2015 yet they released this EP only in 2019, with only one original track on it, so this might lead to think they've been quite careless of this project and focused on their main bands, but then again when your see this track has a fantastic video, and the upcoming track (already announced) has a seemingly same quality video as well, you get puzzled, or at least that's my case. The music on this debut is like all can expect from a Polish Black Death band, especially from a band with such experienced members: somber, massive, mystical and thick as blood, but a definite opinion required more material, so let's wait an see what the future will bring for this project, if it's something serious about it, or if it will die after a few tracks only. Anyway, keep in mind this new name, might be something to storm the scene like other local heroes did already.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10