Band: JINX
Country: Russia
Title: Darkness Is Worldwide
Label: Wings of Destruction
Year: 2017
Style: Heavy Thrash Metal

This band is around since 2000 and here we talk about their most recent full-length album, their fifth to date, Darkness Is Worldwide. 7 new tracks and a cover of Destruction's Curse the Gods are making this new album reach 40 minutes of playing time offering an old-school type of Heavy Thrash Metal a la '80's-'90's, that type of Metal a kid listens to when he/she first searches for something heavier that his generic Metallica, Nirvana and Guns'n'Roses CDs. Mostly fast paced, with an organic sound, delivering clever catchy riffs, frantic guitar solos and a vocalist that at first might not seem too appealing, but then it crawls on you like the plague, very old-school, very "true" sounding reminding me of the Romanian Thrash Metal bands from the early '90's (especially Altar). Despite the organic overall production, I don't like the drums' sound, too plastic for my ears, then there are a couple of tracks that are quite mediocre, good thing is there are also a couple that are absolutely excellent. Worth mentioning is also the fact Jinx have a certain melancholic, sad side to their music as well, so it's not all headbanging and toasting beers. All in all I have spent already almost 3 hours spinning this disc and I couldn't say I'm bored or tired of it, so bottom line I do recommend it to you too.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10