Country: Italy
Title: In the Shadow of Leaves
Label: Earthuake Terror Noise
Year: 2017
Style: Technical Death Metal

First album out after a decade of activity... it took Discordance quite a long way to reach here, but actually I'm not sure if they were active all these years though, which might make it more plausible. Anyway, the fact is we have here the band's debut full-length effort, a 10 tracks material clocking a bit over half an hour of music. Technical, intricate, compulsive Death Metal highlighted by the excellent guitar work that is all over the place, like one of those soccer players that wants to pass but at the same time wants to score, too; the good thing is Discordance's guitarists work so well together they actually succeed in passing and scoring at the same time. But I wouldn't want to miss noting the upfront, complex, infectious bass lines, and the chaotic and at the same time surgically precise drumming making this album something to deeply enjoy by the fans of the genre. To be honest I'm not a fan of the type of vocals Discordance presents, but this is just a personal thing, nothing wrong with them. Bottom line In the Shadow of Leaves is an impressive first effort from these Italians, hopefully they'll keep it up and followup with something even more impressive.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10