Country: Sweden
Title: Dark Dimensions
Label: TPL / Take This Torch / Narcoleptica / Careless
Year: 2021
Style: Thrash Black Metal

Actually Thrash Black Metal wouldn't be the correct term to label the music Legions of War offer us on their third full-length album, but rather a Heavy Thrash Metal with Death and Black Metal influences mostly on vocals (but even some Power Metal-like vocal choirs are popping up here and there) and rarely on the instrumental part, so a Heavy Thrash with raspy, raw vocals. 10 tracks in almost 45 minutes of playing time, a surprisingly melodic album that excels in guitar work, where I think the band's main strength is; the guitar riffs, leads and solos are both melodic and memorable building a very enjoyable tension on top of an energetic and involving rhythm section that acts like the backbone of LoW's music. A fairly diverse album that might get unobserved or skipped by die-hard Heavy Thrash fans because of the shrieking vocals, but I'd say they shouldn't overlook this album, it offers plenty of surprises to enjoy throughout its unfolding, plus the diversity in approaches is a major plus for the band, all in all it's a fast paced album, but there are many passages that obliterate boredom. Not sure if nowadays is the right time for this genre, but if it would have come out at the end of the '90's this album would have been a classic by now, at par with Children of Bodom or In Flames. Try it out, it was released by 4 different labels in 3 different formats: vinyl, jewel-case CD and digipak CD.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10