Hatevomit is a damn good black death metal band and after hearing their latest release a split release with Nunslaughter I decided to get in touch with one of the band members for an interview and drummer/singer Damnare answered my questions via email.

What sort of kid were you growing up and where are you from?
Hello, I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey.

Was music a big part of your life early on in your life or did that come later on?
Music has always been the most important element of my life. I think it will go on till the end of my life, don't think it would be changing.

When did you start to discover music and what were some early bands that you liked?
After suggestions coming from my friends, I started to listen to metal when I was like 12-13 years old. Those times most of the people were just copying cassettes, I think the first cassette they gave me was Slayer-Seasons of the Abyss, Metallica-Kill em All, one of the Manowar albums and Skid Row-Slave to the Grind. I started with those and now I'm mostly into deep underground scene.

When did underground music rear it's ugly head into your life and what were some early bands that you heard and liked and are you still a fan of those bands these days?
After I heard of this type of music for a couple of years, I came across with the underground. Back in the days it was easy to find CDs and Cassettes in supermarkets. So I spent my time mostly at the music section of Carrefour Supermarket when I was a middle-school student (between 6 and 9th grades). Hypocrisy, Cenotaph (TR) and many local extreme metal bands were my favorites. If I’m not wrong it was the "Hypocrisy" album from the band Hypocrisy at the year of 1999. But of course there are many more albums that I heard those times. I came up with underground at the end of the year 1998.

When did the idea start for you to get involved in early joining a band or starting one?
Actually Hatevomit was not my first project. At first I had a black metal band called Mictian at the end of 2003, however it disbanded after some gigs. Afterwards I joined some other bands as a vocalist, and I also played drums for some of them until I had an operation from my hip bones. We started with Hatevomit at 2009. Before we had an another band called The Upheaval with UNT. He was playing bass guitar and I made vocals. But after some disagreements among the band, we built up Hatevomit and we are still active.

I see only 2 band members in a promo pic I saw on the web, yet there is 3 members in the band. Any reason why this is?
Hatevomit has two members, me and UNT. Other members are session musicians, for that reasons they didn't take place at the promo pic. We are together since 11-12 years and we never had a promo picture together with more than 3 people.

I also see where the 3 of you are also have you been in any other bands besides Hatevomit? Are any of you in any other bands at the moment?
I don't have any other project yet. But UNT has another band names "Baphomilitia", they play black & death metal and it's a one-man-band. And H., who played with us for our last record, has a death metal band named Baleful Abyss and also a thrash metal band called "War Agenda".

How did the forming of Hatevomit come about?
As I said before, we got together for another band but then ended up with this project.

How long was the band together before you released a split called "Rapevomit"? Who was the other band and thoughts on this release these days?
We recorded some other things before this split. It took 2 years for us to think about to build up a new band, but we couldn't be able to find the right people that would take it seriously, so we decided to continue our own. Rape was another black metal project of our guitarist. Later on we recorded new songs after the split album with Nunslaughter. Now our second song is ready and I think we can do another new split, we are open to collaboration!

The next year, 2013, you released a demo called "Drown in Vomit". How was the response to this and what are your thoughts on it these days?
I really like this demo, that’s a very cool work. But unfortunately far away from being professional. Because we recorded it at home when we were really craving for releasing something. It has too many mistakes but raw as fuck lol. It was released as a cassette tape and sold out. The listeners didn't find it very bad, but some of them found those mistakes we did, but the important thing for the listeners is the energy and sincerity of the work. That was a very energetic and old school demo.

Who came up with your killer logo and name for the band?
I found the name for the band. We had already a song on our previous project, it was called " Vomit the Hate". I got the inspiration from that song and "Hatevomit" was born. And the logo was made by Jan Penetrator.

Another split came out in 2014 called "Trigon ov Blasphemy" Who put this out? Who was the other band and thoughts on this today?
This split was released by Black Saw Records from Mexico. The bands were our contacts. We just came up with the idea of making a split album and that was all. That was a really great product. Also Satan's Propaganda from Germany and Impaler of Pest from Colombia were with us. I think CD version of this split is sold out now. I didn't heard of anything new from Satan's Propaganda afterwards but Impaler of Pest will release a brand new album in this summer.

With the band being based in Turkey/Germany are there many chances for you to play live? Have you played many live shows and how have they gone?
We never had a live performance. For us it is not easy to get together because of being different countries, maybe just two times in a year. But in the next years, if we would still be alive, we are thinking about making some concerts. As a Turkish citizen it's very difficult to enter into EU countries and to play there.

Also in 2014 a compilation came out called "Hatevomit". Was this basically all your material released so far?
Yes, Soul Erazer Records from Brazil wanted to release or recordings. That was a very good offer and then that was released.
An EP came out in 2015 that was self-titled. What songs were on it and who put it out and did you find by now that writing songs and producing new music was getting easier for you?
The name of the EP we did in the year 2015 was "Necrövömit" and there was completely new songs from us. It was a bit better than our previous records. It was released in some countries as CDs and Cassettes, then they sold out. It's a bit difficult to make new compositions but we prefer to make new records whenever we are ready.

For someone who has never heard the band, what would you say you sound like music wise? When do you think you found the "Hatevomit" sound so to speak?
We call ourselves "Vömit Metal", but it’s not practically in use. We are a metal band, and I think we are just what a metal band should be(?). But in literature the definition of our music is black/death metal. We call it Vömit Metal, cause we think we took all the hate from different genres of metal and throw up as a vomit.

A split came out in 2016 with the band Ectoplasma. How did you hook up with them and was this a 7" split? Who put this out and how was the response to it?
That was not a 7”, it was in cassette format. Since it was very limited, nobody has it anymore. Our friends from Greece are still on our contact and we released their product for our company. Then we thought about making a split and it came out. We are still in contact, maybe in the future we can invite them to Turkey.

It took 3 years for your next release. Any reason why so long?
Because there are too many things going wrong in our lives, we don't really want to explain those right now. But you can be sure of that, we are not going to have another break for 3 years again.

Your latest release is a split with the band "Nunslaughter". How did you hook up with them and how has the response to this release been?
Nunslaughter is personally one of my favourite bands, I have even their special box sets, t-shirts, CDs and many other products of them. Actually that was a surprise that UNT did to me. We contacted with Don, he heard us and made very positive comments, and then this split came out. It was released as CDs, LPs and Cassettes and already about to sold out. The reactions are %80 positive and the negative %20 is causing from our low recording quality and that we didn't have new songs lately.

How does the coming of a new song come about? What are some of the things you write about lyric wise?
UNT is composing, and then we think about the possible changes and rearrangements together. We don't have difficulties about writing lyrics cause we have enough material in our land. It is not very difficult to feel the hate in our country, especially when it is having a very religious and dishonest structure. Producing metal and hate perfectly fit together.

Will we ever see a full length from the band?
You are right; we really want to release an album. We are around since 12 years and didn't have a full-length album yet. I hope the life wouldn't be so rough to us and we can finish the recordings of our album this year.

You currently work with 2 labels. Who are they and why 2 labels?
It doesn't have any specific reason. Actually we worked more than 2 labels but more than couple of times with Satanath Records. The companies we worked together were all very helpful to us, and we are very pleased to have the chance to work with them.

Is it hard to get noticed these days with so many bands out there?
Turkish Metal scene is getting always better because of the pressure that our government made to us. But I don't want to promote other bands in this interview, if you are interested you can check Extreminal.com for Turkish metal market.

Please plug any social media sites you have.
You can purchase our products and listen to our music online from http://hatevomit.bandcamp.com

Horns up for the interview, any last words.
Thanks for the interview Chris. 

Interview by Chris Forbes

April 2020

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