Country: Germany
Title: Dress for War
Label: Fastball Music
Year: 2019
Style: Heavy Metal

Oh man, this band was active between 1984 and 1986, I guess when the members were in their teens or even in college, the broke up and reunited last year, again my guess would be for some middle-age fun and drinks with old friends, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that in my opinion, it's excellent they kept Metal in their hearts after all these years. Not sure if the band name refers to a woman who is a warden or to a dress for war, but I guess based on the title of their debut album, this one I'm talking about here, it's all about a dress for war; don't know how this sounds to a native English speaking person, but to me it sounds funny. Talking about this debut album of theirs, we're treated with 10 tracks in almost 50 minutes of playing time, and as far as genre is concerned Iron Maiden comes to mind as influence, but Wardress also have a theatrical, dramatic feel to their compositions and especially to the vocalist's tone, he sounds relaxed and totally aware of what he can and cannot do, he doesn't pushes boundaries but at the same time he creates a comfortable and fun atmosphere for Heavy Metal fans enjoying the epicness and catchiness of the genre. At the same time the instrumental part has plenty to discover, they don't seem to follow the exact patterns of the genre and venture on other territories as well like Doom Metal or even '70's Hard Rock, and the best feature about this part is again the variety, with plenty of surprising parts and elements. I have enjoyed this album much more than expected from a band that just returned on the barricades after a 3 decades pause. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10