Country: Italy
Title: Corax
Label: Ghost Label
Year: 2017
Style: Alternative Hardcore Metal

I always start these "reviews" mentioning that these styles are not something we usually cover here, because it's fair for the readers and the bands / labels featured to know that we're not specialists not even frequent listeners to the genres they sent over. Niamh plays in my opinion a combination of Alternative, Melodic Hardcore, Nu-Metal and Electro Metal, not sure if this combination is considered new in their field because I used to get such releases (from Italy as well) all the time during the beginning of the '00's and Niamh's music reminds me a lot of those times, a melodic and groovy Metal with plenty of hooks, memorable choruses and fit to a large palette of listeners. Not sure what else I could say about it, I've spined it twice and I wasn't bored at all, so if you're into Korn, Deftones, Linkin Park, give it a try for sure, but to be honest they remind me a lot of another Italian band from back then, Figure of Six, it's like it's the same band...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10