Country: Switzerland
Title: II: Scarborough
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Drone Doom Ambient

Yes! This is what the scene needs: bands / musical projects with rich imagination and high level of expressiveness capable to transport the listener through another dimension, to new Worlds real or imaginary, and Diablerets does exactly that. Although I don't know what's their link with Scarborough, this second full-length album of theirs and exactly like the first one, this is presented in a handmade physical version; if the first album was released in a cassette wrapped in handmade cardboard box, this one is a CDR in a handmade cardboard envelope containing a vintage postcard that welcomes you to England's grimmest places, and a map foe each of the 5 tracks featured here, to help you in case you'll get lost (and you will!). This has a huge impact and helps the listener get into a world of solitude and inner fears, and although I would have liked a story to go along with each track and map, to let the listeners imagine their own stories seems also to be a viable route, at least with me it worked. This Swiss duo uses only basses, vocals, effects and programming to create their soundscapes and the result is some sort of sinister doomy Drone Ambient terribly oppressive, claustrophobic at times, amazingly wide at others, torturous and horrifying, a dreadful result. What it reminded me was the sordid, squalid, industrial atmosphere of the Taboo or Penny Dreadful series, it made me feel like I was venturing those streets in those times witnessing those murders. Amazing release!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10