Country: France
Title: Ahi Cab
Label: Anthrazit Records
Year: 2020
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal

Interesting new band (a duo) from France, or Venus as they claim, Idolos present us here their debut EP made of 3 tracks + intro and totaling a bit over 20 minutes of playing time. From the music point of view the band plays a slow to fast paced Black Metal with a thick atmospheric shell (sometimes close to DSBM, too), dark, desperate and oppressive, lead by a decaying vocal style somewhere in between growl and scream, with occasional shrieks supporting in the background. Not very original but done with class (the long guitar solo on The Deeds Above should be replicated and multiplied, that's for sure!) and imagination, and to prove the latter check out the whole lyrical concept which although quite nonsense and too varied for what the band suggests at first sight, took them quite some work and brainstorming, probably even documentation. Interesting is the right word to label this newcomer band, hope they'll followup with a full-length soon and the new material will have a more curdled concept behind it as they have proven to be capable (and scrupulous enough) to come up with something well worth of attention. I'm also curious how these creatures coming from Venus look like...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10