Country: Canada
Title: Apotheosynthesis
Label: Everlasting Spew
Year: 2017
Style: Technical Blackened Death Metal

The debut full-length album from Canada's Fractal Generator was first released by the band in 2015, and I guess Everlasting Spew noticed there's quite a big fuss around this material and/or enjoyed the album to an extent they decided to give it that CD treatment, too. And good they did as this 9 piece material is a tremendous effort, something sounding like a militarily precise attack from space... It's a damn mathematically calculated and delivered aggression on all senses, and probably there's where the band will niche their craft even more because the ones of you in search for something personal with human-sentiments will have a bad surprise, this sounds robotic to the bone (or metal rod?), like Star Wars on Black Death music. And this is also my general impression after I've spined this a couple of times: a damn technical Blackened Death Metal with dark / cosmic atmospheres all over. The final few minutes from the last track are a bit more melodic, but the rest is calculated atrocity, very well constructed structures with a serious sci-fi aura; this will definitely satisfy the ones of you in search for technical display.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10