Country: Germany
Title: Hamvak
Label: Fekete Terror / Neverheard
Year: 2017
Style: Black Death Metal

This is a one man project started in 2009 under the moniker Solus; up until 2015 Solus released quite a handful of releases (demos, EPs, splits and even a full-length album), and that year I guess D. (the man behind it) relocated to Germany and changed the band name to Hamvak which is Hungarian for relics. This is the first release as Hamvak, a three tracks demo tape released by Fekete Terror Productions and Neverheard Distro, two of the most (if not the most) active Hungarian undergound labels nowadays, and presents us a cavernous, low-tuned, totally obscure sounding mix of Black and Death Metal, extremely well-done, sometime in a doomy manner, and other times faster, more punkish sounding, but heavy and oppressive as fuck all the time; although sounding somehow linear, it's totally hypnotic and involving. Fast paced rhythms combined with a low-tuned guitar that borrowed an extreme heaviness from the Doom Death scene, a very upfront, influential bass line, and topped with incomprehensive, rotten, horrifying growling vocals, Hamvak sounds very, very promising, I'm sure it will draw attention from all Extreme Metal followers that enjoy their music as oppressive, obscure and mystical as possible. Try it out, I'm sure it's released in a quite limited edition.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10