Country: Switzerland
Title: Ad Infinitum
Label: Fastball Music
Year: 2020
Style: Melodic Heavy Metal

After spinning this album once I started to question myself if it caught me right in the perfect moment I needed a Heavy Power Metal audition and that's why I was so impressed and liked it so much, but now I know that's not the case, I've played it over several days and I have enjoyed it as much if not more. 
Crown of Glory come from Switzerland and are around since 1998 although this one is only their third full-length album to date, all of them being released at a steady 6 years interval, so we're dealing with a slow (or careful if you prefer) working band that takes its time to come up with new material. The new album is a 12 tracks work clocking an hour of melodic but heavy music featuring everything one can expect from such a material, from headbanging, intense moments to ballad-like passages/tracks, to epic parts, to even some futuristic / progressive influences, and the song-writing, execution, production, all is absolutely top-notch, at par with the best releases of this genre. Melodic Heavy Metal might be a too mellow label for Crown of Glory's music, but at an overall sight it's accurate, so before deciding to check or not to check out their music you should know that their music has more balls that this genre might inspire. If I were to pick a favorite highlight of their music I'd struggle big time as the band is lead by a fantastic vocalist with a brilliant tone supported by excellent backing vocals and choirs (plus the guest appearance of Seraina Telli ex Burning Witches on the track Something turns the track into an instant hit), the guitar work is fabulous, the rhythm section is a delight, the subtle keyboard background are the cherry on top of the cake. Maybe these are too many big words, but I see no flaws in Ad Infinitum, I find it perfect!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10