Band: MUN
Country: Poland
Title: Presomnia
Label: Piranha Records
Year: 2020
Style: Psychedelic Stoner Doom Metal

It's unbelievable how much music comes out of Poland these days, good music that is, it seems like every second band has an own identity and something of their own to say to the audience, and that puts to shame scenes of countries like mine for example. Anyway, what we have here is a Polish quartet with their third full-length album; a band that, contrary to the usual way of things, is getting heavier by the album. The addition of growling and roaring vocals on this new album seems exactly what the band needed so far in order not only to add more heaviness, but also an own defined path for the band. 7 long tracks totaling almost 45 minutes of playing time, balancing between Post / Space Rock and Psychedelic Doom Metal, between soothing, hypnotic passages and intense, hard-hitting passages of aggressive Metal, with plenty of versatility on both instrumental and vocal parts to offer plenty of surprises throughout the audition and keep the public's attention high. Some serious competition for Dopelord for sure, so if you're into either Space Rock, Stoner, Post Metal, Psychedelic Doom or similar you should give them a listen. Not a big fan of the cover art here or the fact that they didn't include any of the lyrics in the Digipak CD version, but that's just a personal preference.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10