Country: Poland
Title: Reverse Engineering
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Progressive Sci-Fi Death Metal

This one here can be considered both a debut material of a newly formed band (Inhumanity Vortex) as well as a milestone new release for a band (Inhumanity) that was formed back in 2008 as a one man band, and recently became a full line-up and changed its name to the actual moniker. From my point of view both are valid, even though I don't know how stable the new line-up is or even if Tom Dziekoński, the main man behind Inhumanity Vortex, has the intention of continuing as a full line-up band or if this was a one off feat. We have to keep into account some of the 4 invited musicians here are also active in other bands, one of them, drummer Kevin Paradis being known from his activity in Agressor or Benighted among others. Indeed if you listen to the previous work by Inhumanity Vortex and compare it to the new material, the differences in drumming are the first ones that spring to mind, Kevin's ability to play and emulate on Tom's compositions sounds really natural giving the whole material a "human" touch, a more easily digestible imprint to the music itself. To me Inhumanity Vortex sounds like a combination of Nocturnus, Pestilence and early Decapitated, but with an even bigger incline towards the sci-fi elements than Nocturnus had. Technical, intricate, heavy, futuristic Death Metal that reminds of the end '90's - beginning of the '00's materials that paved the way. The vocalist is at its debut here apparently and he has a good tone, semi-comprehensive growls, but I think more versatility is needed from his side in order to cope with the overall complexity of the material created by this band. Well worth checking out band if you're into Sci-Fi infused Death Metal, but make sure you pass your judgement only after listening to this new material, their previous work is no longer representative I believe.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10