Country: Slovakia
Title: Utter Coldness
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

Followup to the band's debut album from 2015, Triumph ov Chaos, Utter Coldness is made of 10 tracks and clocks close to 50 minutes of playing time, a fair proposition from the band after 4 years in the making, their fans will be happy and it seems they've made quite some supporters with their debut album. If you don't know the band, we're dealing here with traditional, fast paced Black Metal, sharp and cold, aggressive and obscure sounding, with a heavy dose of dark atmospheres surrounding it. We're treated with frantic drumming, upfront bass lines, intricate and interesting guitar riffs supported by melodic leads, and a venomous, razor-sharp vocal seconded at times by Viking-like epic clean vocals. It's all done on traditional instruments (bass, guitars, drums and vocals) with only a few keyboards and piano inserts to enhance the mysterious, obscure atmosphere; and I also have to underline here the excellent, crystal clear production. To sum it up it seems Darktimes are in it to build heavy, dense Black Metal atmospheres not to push the boundaries of the genre, hence you won't hear much "outside" influences on this album, but its structure and varied compositions are making it a solid effort for sure.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10