Country: Holland
Title: Stranger
Label: Headbangers Records
Year: 2017
Style: Hard'n'Heavy

This Dutch band seems to have been active and at its peak somewhere in the '80's and '90's, and by the music they play I have no doubt they had a fair share of success, too, so their come-back is now celebrated by Headbangers Records with this CD, a compilation of 11 tracks from demos and from the band's debut album and a few of their demos, more than 50 minutes of playing time, a lot to enjoy for their fans and plenty to discover for the ones that don't know the band (including me). Stranger are quite versatile in style, ranging from Melodic Hard Rock to Heavy Metal, to Hard'n'Heavy and even plenty of Glam influences, one won't be able to pinpoint the band to a certain style, but you get where they point towards. The production is excellent, clearly rooted in the '80's, with that particular flavor, but polished and crystal-clear, so I guess all listeners will enjoy it. The compositions are ranging from very catchy and hit-like to average, but they all are enjoyable and entertaining so all in all although we're getting a long album, it's far from being boring. I guess the reason this band didn't make it to Worldwide success back in the '80's was because of the lack of a serious label to support them abroad; now it's a bit too late for that, but not too late to make good music and have lots of fun - the band is back at it and recording new stuff from what I hear.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10