Country: Hungary
Title: Left for the Worms
Label: Total Darkness Propaganda
Year: 2021
Style: Death Metal

A new start for ex-Gravecrusher members? Gravecrusher impressed in 2014 with the release of their debut EP on Spanish Xtreem Music (ex-Repulse Records), but then went asleep and no more new releases came out of their rehearsal room, so I suppose the band is dead by now. Molis Sepulcrum is a trio featuring 2 members from Gravecrusher but I hope it won't have the same fate as the later even though her they are releasing their debut EP on a high-profile underground label like Pulverised Records on CD and vinyl, and Hungarian well-respected Total Därkness Propaganda on tape, quite a stormy debut I'd say. Swedish old-school Death Metal (Stockholm style) is the name of the game here, and there's not much will to bring something new or original to the genre (otherwise they have a problem), so get ready for some heavy, groovy, mostly fast paced, abrasive Death Metal a la early Grave or Dismember, with that Boss HM-2 guitar effect as absolute trademark. The compositions are top-notch, fans of the genre will surely enjoy what Molis Sepulcrum are doing, especially because there's enough diversity to keep things interesting while still playing within the confines of Swedish Death Metal, no compromises allowed. The only problem is when you think back, when this genre imploded, was because there were too many such bands popping out everywhere and there wasn't much room for originality, and there still isn't, so I'm curious to see what the band will do in order to stand out from the crowd; in my opinion they just need a bit more hooks, a bit more catchiness in their compositions to make them memorable. Time will tell, but in the meantime, what I am reviewing here is the tape version of the EP out on Total Darkness Propaganda, an excellent looking release, professional to the bone yet still keeping that old-school feeling with this white on black print on the booklet; limited to 150 copies. Fave track, and probably the most representative: the last track on this tape, which is also the title-track, give it a spin.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10