Country: Poland
Title: Inwokacja pierwotnej mocy
Label: The End of Time Records
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

Debut demo / EP from this Polish duo made of Serpent Seed members Inwokacja pierwotnej mocy is made of 5 tracks clocking a bit over half an hour of primitive Black Metal sung in Polish language. Probably if you know Polish this might make more sense, but for me for example this is totally a below mediocre attempt of building evil music. Maybe it's a statement against the current over-produced music, but it sounds like these guys just picked up their instruments and recorded their first tunes. It sounds totally organic and the vocals are totally horrific (imagine the devil's voice from really old horror movies, mysterious, mesmerizing and menacing at the same time), but apart from that the compositions and instrumental execution are extremely primitive to say the least, repetitive and simple to the max. The last track is the best in my opinion, very dark, doomy and horrifying, but then again when the drums switch to mid-tempo is when it all ends for me, sorry.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 4/10