Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
Hey there! First of all thank you for the interview and your hospitality! About the history of Sense of Fear it starts in the late 90s and specifically in 1998, when the two brothers John and Markos and I started playing as kids some metal covers of our favorite songs and soon enough our first music ideas came, so the band started its engines. The three of us never stopped playing together since then. In the years between 1998 and today several members joined our band some of them for a very short time. I’m not going to analyse it further until 2005 (or maybe 2006 I can't remember exactly… haha), when our current bass player Dimitris joined the band. The years after that we had several singers joining us either as band members or just to help us in some of our live appearances. Finally, in the early 2013, Ilias joined our band and this was the time when we decided that this is the line up with which we can go one step further and we recorded our first EP “Sense of Fear”.

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
About our musical style it’s a mix of several very well known heavy metal styles out there. We play a mix of heavy/thrash metal and maybe with some power metal ideas in some songs. We also as  a band like to refer to ourselves as a dark metal band and let me explain that. The term comes from both of the dark and aggressive riffs in our music and also from the lyrics of our songs. Songs like torture of mind or black hole are big examples of what we mean by dark/aggressive heavy metal!!!
Well about influences… where should I start! Let's start from the basics… Surely Iron Maiden is the biggest influence, not necessarily that we sound like them or that we have  a nwobhm type of sound but they are the reason that I (and many of us) started playing music.Furthermore I would say that other bands that we are influenced are Iced Earth (who are influenced from Iron Maiden!! Hahaha), Rotting Christ, Grave Digger, Slayer and one of my personal favorite bands, Nevermore.
So as you see from our influences comes our hybrid style of playing!

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
It's only because we all as metalheads have to support this thing called heavy metal! For a metal scene to exist there have to be two things. The metalheads that hear the music but also the heavy metal bands that play heavy metal! The big names of the metal scene are growing old and there has to be a continuation in our kind of music! Ok, someone will say maybe that today there are so many new bands... why you and not them... It’s not like that, we have to give opportunities to everyone and not close our ears eyes and minds... In youtube and social media today everyone can have a taste of anything and if he/she actually likes it then why not support it!
About our stuff I think that we worth an opportunity because it’s a hard work of many years and we believe as a band that the final outcome is something very special that comes from the depths of our inner selves!

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
Well about the releases of our band we consider our self newbies in the industry! ”As the age passing by…” is the first complete album that we are about to release via Rockshots Records in the 20th of April this year. As I mentioned in the first question the only work that we had till today is the EP “Sense of Fear” that we recorded in the late 2013 and it was a self released EP. It contains three tracks of the whole album that is going out in one month but with a different mix/master and also with the cover song “When the night falls” that we made, as a tribute to Iced Earth. The EP was a certain boost to the band and helped us to be recognized as musicians in our greek local scene... We received very nice words for our work both from our audience and the greek metal press. For example the Greek Metal Hammer reviewed our work and we got an amazing 8/10! And maybe this played its part also for us to go another step further and start working on our whole album release of course!

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
Yes for sure we play live as many times as we can! We are playing lives from the early years of the band when we were still students and we were trying to convince our teachers to play a school concert!! hahaha! Well in the late years and after the release of our EP we had several live shows here in Greece mostly and played together with lots of other greek bands and in many cities and metal festivals. At the time we are focused in promoting the new album coming out at 20th of April and also planning some shows here in Greece after the release! We confirmed one show in Ioannina city in the 3rd of May in which we will share the stage with the greek progressive metallers Need and with Claim the crown, a local band from Ioannina! And of course more shows will be announced soon!

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
They should know all the things that we discussed earlier! We are a band of five people here and we did the best of our efforts for this album! We believe in it but unfortunately this is not enough by itself! The album track by track is an expression of ourselves through all these years and it comes right from our hearts and souls! So we want to share these feelings with the audience and surely we want to continue doing that for many albums to come (but not in another 10 years! hahaha)

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
Look, as I mentioned earlier, right now we are focused in the promotion of our album which is going out at the 20th of April. After the release we surely want and we will do live shows and play our material… and hopefully see some positive feedback about our work! Also summer is coming and maybe we’ll try to play in some festivals here in Greece! Moving on, we already have the songs ready for the next album and we already rehearsing some of them with the guys! But it’s too soon to talk about a second album! We want to give this one the time it needs to be spread properly throughout the metal world! So in a few words, the plans about the near future are live shows and rehearsing new stuff to be ready for the next album!

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
You can listen to our music in our official youtube channel
You can also follow us on our official facebook page where you can see all the news of our band with links to radio stations that play our songs, photos and many more interesting stuff!
You can pre-order the album via amazon, itunes, the official e-shop of our label Rockshots Records and the e-shop of plastichead which is the distributor of our label in Europe. 

March 2018