Here's an interview with Killjoy about NECROPHAGIA, kindly shared with us by Osiris (who's also his girlfriend) from the Venezuelan Xtreme Metal Girls website/organization from Venezuela.

Hey there Killjoy, how are you? Is the first time you do an interview for a Venezuelan media?
Hi, I have done so many interviews over the years. I really can't remember if I have done some for Venenzuelan media yet. I'm  really looking forward to bringing our horror show to the maniacs of your country on our upcoming tour.

In 1983 when you started, your idea was basing of horror films and other things gore. at that time had others extreme metal bands in America?
Necrophagia was the first extreme metal band to exclusively use horror and gore viusally, lyrically and musically. There have been many others over the years but we still do this better than anyone in my opinion. I'm not saying we are the best band in the world. I am just saying we are the best at conveying true horror and gore through music.

After of 6 years buried in your coffin, you return with a new album Deathtrip 69, tell us about the new album, any surprises?
You are correct. It's been six years since our last release. There have been line up changes,music written and then re-written, it was a very long process to get this new recording done. There are always some suprises on each Necrophagia record and this one is ceratinly no different. Deathtrip 69 is a very, very heavy old school extreme metal record. It's full of horror as always and I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out. Completely sick ;)

As is the composition and recording process? Is completely finished?
Yes it's finally completed. It took six months to record and mix but the end results made it worth the effort for us as a band. The release date is May 17th via Season of Mist.

The videos are very significant in the way of the band. Do you think to make a new video for the new album?
Yes for sure, we will probably do three or four new videos for the the material of Deathtrip 69. I think the first video will be for Beast with Feral Claws, which is about Lycanthropy, so expect to see some werewolf chaos in the video, we will then follow with a few other videos.

Back to old times, how was it for you to work with Phil Anselmo, freediablo, Joey Jordison?
I enjoyed working with Philip immensley, he's a great guy and very talented. Joey is one of the most amazing drummers in all of metal. He's been a good friend for many years. I've enjoyed working with everyone throughout Necrophagia's career, including past members and guests. We have a few on Deathrip 69 including Casey from Amen, Maniac (ex Mayehm) and Kim from Of the Wand and the Moon.

Films like "Night of the Living Dead", "Black Sunday" and "The Beyond”, influenced seriously your songwriting?
Absolutely. Horror is the very essence and lifesblood of Necrophagia. The films you mentioned are three of my all tim favorites. Those songs have influenced Necrophagia tremendously. Very good observation on your part Osi!

Tell us a bit about your project parallel to "Necrophagia", one of your other bands is Wurdulak (Black metal) are there any other?
Over the years I have done many side projects like Ravenous, Wurdulak, Enoch, Hellpig, and a few others. I like creating diffrent styles of music. By doing other things in the past it has helped keep Necrophagia on a better path. I don't need to bring those elements of side projects into Necrophagia since they have been exorcised in other bands.

What do you think of the new extreme bands that have emerged in this new time, changing and innovating new sounds?
I really don't keep up with many newer bands. I prefer stuff like Venom, Hellhammer, Slayer, Mayhem, Witchfinder General when it comes to metal. I also enjoy punk like Sex Pistols, Plasmatics, Amen, Discharge, Exploited. I just really don't care much for many of todays bands. I wish new bands all the best. It's just not my thing.

Have you thought seriously about making underground films in the future to complete your great love for the horror?
I will definately make films. It's been a very, very long time in coming. I have to focus on it 100% and thats been hard with working on Necrophagia. But the day will come when I make the transformation from making music to making films. I wanna do it right. I will not make a film unless I can do it my way, that takes a lot of time and a huge amount of money. It will happen and whe it does. I will show the world my visions of horror. It's gonna be very disturbing I can assure you!

What movie you recommend to your fans?
The three you mentioned earlier (Black Sunday, Night of the Living Dead, The Beyond) are perfect exapmples of true horror. I would add in The Exorcist. Rosemary's Baby, Carnival of Souls, Let's Scare Jessica to Death, The Sentinal, The Changling, Cemetary Man, At Midnight I'll take your Soul and Suspiria to name of few. For newer films I would recomend The Loved Ones, Inside, Martyrs, The Strangers, Eden Lake, House of the Devil and Let the Right One In.

What do you think of the South American public? Have any reference?
I love South America. My goregous girlfriend and Coffin Joe are two things I find absolutely perfect! The metal scene is amazing. I can't wait to do some very intense shows.

Have thought of coming through these lands some day? Would be super pleased to see you live... An honor.
I am making sure we do as many shows in South America as possible. It's gonna be amazing. I promise you!

How does it feels to be a pioneer the "masters of horror” of many extreme metal bands present?
I am glad we have made an impact and influenced many over the years. I am proud of the fact that we have always done things our own way and never even thought about giving into trends. We will always stay true to ourselves and our legions of gorehounds.

Well… thank you very much for your time in this small interview, you're very good person and would love to have you here. If you want to add something more, you can do it with freedom.... Good luck with your new album hope to hear that new job… and  HORRIFIED all
It's been my pleasure. See you on tour soon. Gore Forever! Fulci Lives!! When you see my girlfriend (in the mirror, ha, ha) tell her I love her and miss her! See you all in horror hell soon!  

March 2011