Please share with us the history of your band.
Before anything I would like to say hello to you and everyone reading this interview – it's always fun when more people get to find the music so thank you very much for this opportunity!
Oh, the history. So basically Anüs started out as a drunk idea between the drummer and the guitarist in something like 2014-2015 I think it was. They were listening to Spasm, Gutalax and the likes mixed with some slambands and decided in their drunken haze to record some songs without thinking too much about anything. After a year or so I got involved in this. My first thing I did before any rehearsal was to book a show in Czech Republic.
We had no songs as the demosongs were considered to be of a lower quality than we wanted. 
So we wrote 10 songs or something just for the gig and from there it just took off. Later we released these as our debut album The Constipation Conspiracy and after that we got contacted by Nervous Impulse to do a split-cd, so we did. Now we are looking into making the next album but it will probably take some time. Will tell you more about that later on. I would say that's our history up until this point. 

Can you tell us how came you chose to play grindcore?
Goregrind and grindcore is basically the only thing I personally listen too. Anüs was created to be simple, bulldozing, stoneage goregrind with slam parts. I don't think we would have created anything else because we all have tons of bands in various types of death metal and grindcore. So to do anything else than goregrind would be pointless for us. Anüs wasn't even supposed to be a band but because of alcohol came into existence with more members than planned. 

The production of your debut album is very professional, did you have a good time in the studio?
Haha thanks bro, it is the quickest recording and mixing we have ever done in any of our bands. We recorded and mixed everything ourselves. I got to hear the songs one time and then we recorded the vocals. After that there was just some patching up done and then into mixing. We decided early on to just focus on the thick heavy sound of slam and just keep it rolling throughout the album. The same goes for the split – recording and mixing goes fast. Really fast. I would say from start to finish it is probably 2-3 days or something.

Also the cover image of the disc is very interesting, can you tell us the meaning of that "hand"?
So the image is from someone on the allmighty internet. We just changed some colourvariations to make it look like shit rather than something towards blood as the original is. We felt that the image could be seen as something out of like the x-files as it is inverted colors in it also. The conspiracy theme was the goal and as the same with the songwriting and recording process – it can't take too much time so this encapsuled the feeling for us. So we went with it. Remember Anüs thoughts and work is always filtered through alcohol before created so... eh... yeah...

What it is your opinion about this pandemic situation (Covid 19), and how has it affected you?
I feel I can't have too much of an opinion other than it is both horrible and fascinating to have been a part of a truly historic event that changed the world as we knew it. Much like the internet for example. There was more or less a complete standstill everywhere in the world because of it. As a human it is horrible to see how it affected people near and far from us of course. As a band it created a complete change of course. No gigs, no travelling, no recording as no songs were written etc. So to sum it up short – it probably created a rift through most of the scene. The bands that got comfortable having more time to do something else, being with family as so on and other bands who miss being out on the road.
I would say Anüs are both parts to some extent. We miss hanging out and writing songs for gigs and albums but as the reality has been as it was and even still is we don't cry about it – we create in other ways. Me for example continues to write for my project Helvetes Jävla Skit – the other guys writes for different projects/bands that are going to take off where the left it.

Where can we find your album?
Depending on if we are talking as downloads, physical or streaming. For streaming and digital buys we are on Spotify and a bunch of digital stores like that Apple thing – Ibuy, Istore, Ibroke or what ever it's called. We also offer it on our bandcamp – I think it is pay what you want on both split and album. Physical you can buy it from both More Hate records, I guess some distros around Europe and of course from us directly. But I would recommend from record label as that shows that we are a good signing.
As for other ways – like pirate downloads and stealing physical copies I guess it's not a problem to find ways for this. No real need to pirate download as we offer our stuff digitally for free but who knows – "crime" is cool. Stealing physical copies should be quite easy also, if you have us live, you know what I mean.

Thank you for the interview, the last word belong to you.
Thank you bro and thanks to all who managed to keep their interest up throughout my ramblings! We in Anüs hope we will see all of you soon at some gig or festival! In the meantime – get drunk, party and enjoy great music and support all different bands out there!

Interview by Ionut Dimitriev / Answers by Johan the beerchicken

September 2021