Country: Poland
Title: Black Sheep Parade
Label: Deformeathing Production
Year: 2019
Style: Grindcore

I have a weakness for Polish Grindcore because most of the time I come across such a releases it's at least good and most probably head-splitting, and what's most important for me, they do take their craft seriously, most bands are eager to transmit a real message through their music / lyrics. Straight Hate is no exception from this rule, actually they enforce it, their fast and brutal Grindcore (can it be any different than brutal and fast?) is so clean and precise it really feels like a murderer surgeon at work, it reminds me of the seriousness of such titans of the genre as Napam Death or Nasum. So yes, we're dealing here with Straight Hate's second full-length album made of 16 tracks with a total duration of half an hour, but an intense, hateful, technical Grindcore with hints of Death, Hardcore and even Black Death but not enough to make you say this is not proper and utter Grindcore craft. There's not much to surprise the listener except for the brutality and scrupulousness these tracks are written and executed, but that might be just enough for fans of the genre who are looking for something traditional sounding and fresh at the same time. The drumming is tremendous, some passages make you feel you're about to take off, it's clear the man behind the drum-kit is a monster of attention to details, the guitar riffs are heavy and visceral, the bass line are subtle, but the production is so good you can easily follow them and feel how smooth they manage to draw their support to the whole music, and last but not least the typical Grindcore low-growling vocals are supported by high-pitched vicious shrieks from time to time resulting in a fantastic lead for the music, fast and precise, exactly as the rest of the music. Oh, and I also have to mention there's plenty of variety in rhythms here, it's not all hyper-speed, it actually feels natural and well-balanced. All in all this is an impressive effort fans of the genre will definitely enjoy.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10