Funereus is a total crushing black metal band and upon hearing the bands newest release called “Return Of The Old Goat” on Forever Plagued Records I knew an interview was in order so here is one with band member 

Were you in any bands before you joined Funereus? Tell me about the early days of the band and did you go through many line-up changes before you came to a core line-up and what is the current line-up of the band these days? 
I was part of several bands in the early to late 00’s, none of which are worth mentioning here since they did not possess the essence of real darkness, with the exception of Dwelling & Valefar. After ;leaving the last unworthy band in mid 07’ I decided to create a vessel of my own which possessed the darkness that is cruel, and hateful, Black Metal thus Funereus was created ,Funereus was and is an extension of how I believe Black Metal should be played , hateful ,raw ,and  true to the spirit of darkness ,without the unnecessary elements you find in a flood of bands these days in example political views, keyboards, and female vocals. Funereus was formed by my hand in late 08’; that same year I recruited Infernal; during this time ‘Embrace The Unholy Spirit’ was being written. Funereus has always been a closed circle, thus not many lineup changes have occurred. From 08’ to late 09’ it was Infernal on drums I on guitars & vocals; later from 10’ to 11’ Valefar joined our circle, we where then a 3 piece for a short time, it wasn’t until mid11’ that infernal made the decision to depart Funereus, it was this time that I closed the circle and the core lineup was solidified, I assumed guitars and Valefar took up both drums and vocals. We are currently a 2 man band I on guitars and all lyrics, Valefar on drums and vocals.

Tell me about the early practices, what were they like? How long was it before you decided to start writing your own tunes? 
Our practices occurred mostly at night to channel the impurities of the night into our music, they where a state of catharsis much like they are now. It was shortly after the creation of Funereus, that music was already being written no time was wasted. By early 09’ ‘Embrace the Unholy Spirit’ was already written and recorded. 

How long was the band together before the “Embrace The Unholy Spirit” demo came out? What are your thoughts on this demo these days? How was it going into the studio for the 1st time as a band? 
We stood no more than four months as a band prior to the release of our first demo ’Embrace The Unholy Spirit’. The first demo stands proof of how much we have improved in the writing of songs and have honed in more skillfully in the possession of our instruments.
When I listened to this demo, now I think ‘Embrace The Unholy Spirit’ was a very crude demo with a very ugly and raw sound a most appropriate demo. This demo was recorded in our rehearsal lair; no studio was ever stepped into.

Tell me how the band came up with its name and were any other names thrown around? How about the logo who came up with that? 
The procession of a funeral is the rite that captures the essence of death an element that defines the Black Metal that I wanted to create, In one solitary word ‘Funereus’ arose a primitive and cold name. No other names where considered during this process. Our logo was created by well known underground artist Desecrator.

Tell me about the split release “Aquilonius Frigus Vorago” release. Who was the other band(s) on this release and how many songs did you have on it? 
“Aquilonius Frigus Vorago” , was a split release between Helsefyr (SWE) & Funereus; It included nine titles Helsefyr had five and Funereus four. This was also the first release with Valefar on vocals.

How would you describe the band’s sound to someone who has never heard you guys and do you think it is somewhat of an original sound? 
Funereus sound is that of second wave Black Metal of the early 90’s,with fast paced drumming and slow hateful parts as if staring into the abyss, vile rabid vocals and destructive riffing. Our sound originates from the early days of Black Metal, it might not be original but we make our sound our own in different elements creating primitive Black Metal that once was, and I ask what is original in this putrid modern era? (not much-chris)

Your next release was an Ep called “Bestial Invocation”. Who put this out and how was the response to it and what are your thoughts on it these days? 
‘Bestial Invocation’ was our first EP and an underground label from Brazil officially released it on cassette format in very limited quantities ‘Undercover Records Brazil’ was the label who released Bestial Invocation. This EP was still very primitive both with the sound of the recordings and song structure but our sound was begging to take shape and thus this is an important offering in our releases. The response to the EP was a good one according to various reviews the EP received.

Also in 2010, you released your 1st full length called “Profane Rite Of Morbid Glorification”. How did you come up with this title and who released this and how was the response to it? Were you nervous at all going in to record a full length and was there any one or more things that you hate about going in and recording music? 
The name of our firs full length in whole describes the essence of the album; devil worship, profanation, darkness. It was of putting all these into a name or title with power which this album possesses much thought was put into it over time and the title ‘Profane Rite Of Morbid Glorification’ was chosen. A pact with Undercover Records Brazil was forged for this album and was released in August of 10’ on C.D. format. There was nothing to be nervous about ‘entering the studio’ I have been doing this (recording & mixing audio) for a long time prior to recording our first album, the recording process is not the tough part it all comes natural, the difficult task comes later when the mixing is due. ‘Profane Rite of Morbid Glorification’ received a good response, from the underground from reading the reviews out there leaving some ‘wanting more…’

Tell me how a song and lyrics come together.
The writing process is a solid one, the guitars are always written first, then the lyrics, the lyrics are very important in Funereus for we believe with heart everything that is invoked and profaned in our craft, lastly the drums are composed.

In 2013 another demo came out called, “An Offering To Satan”. Where did you record that at and how was the response to this release? 
‘An Offering To Satan’ was recorded in our rehearsal lair; this demo was scheduled to be released under the same label that released both the EP and Full Length ‘Undercover Records Brazil’ but due to financial reasons this demo never got an official release, only less than five copies were made and handed out on cassette format. For not having a proper release it never got a response.

At what point do you think you came up with the “funereus” sound so to speak? 
Our sound was solidified on ‘Profane Rite Of Morbid Glorification’ album all the elements we wanted to be present are there in this album, I believe our sound was achieved then.

As far as black metal goes, do you think there is many bands these days playing black metal the right way or do you think there is many generic bands just playing and do the same thing that has been done to death and then some? 
There are about a dozen or more of these so called ‘Sub-Genres’ all of these have originated from Black Metal, in example melodic/symphonic Black Metal why the hell would anyone want to make Black Metal sound ‘beautiful and melodic’, Black Metal is hate ,blasphemy, darkness. Another example N.S.B.M, I have heard of bands coming from South America and even Asia who play Aryan N.S.B.M. what’s wrong with that picture. Anyone can do what they want, I do believe the true essence of Black Metal has been forgotten but it is not dead! It still lives in us, and other bands who remain loyal to the true spirit. If your music does not channel the darkest energies , and cannot be ‘felt’ then your music is just ‘empty’, AND for those who say Black Metal is about ‘progression or evolving ’ I say if your music is empty and dead , you are playing for the wrong reasons!

You had a comp come out in 2013 called “Sangre Para El Diablo”. What is on this release and who put it out? Who ended up deciding what was going to be on this release? 
An unreleased rehearsal demo recorded in 2010 is included in this compilation this unreleased demo was also the last recordings with Infernal on drums. Secondly ‘An Offering To Satan’ 2013 demo is also included. Both of these demos did not have official releases which is why I choose to add them to the compilation. The rehearsal demo has tracks from our first demo to our full length and ranges thru all of our offerings thus being a most adequate choice for a compilation.

Now is any of your prior material still for sale or is everything prior to your new album out of print? 
Yes, the releases prior to our new album are still for sale, thru some distros and labels. Some materials are available thru us but materials deplete and change from time to time.

How did you end up hooking up with Forever Plagued Records and how have things been working out with them so far?
Our new album was impious and foul the banner of the label needed to be nothing then the same thus Forever Plagued Records was contacted. We are honored to be working with not only a label but a person who is devoted to the true spirit of Black Metal. ‘Where the future is dead, where the past is alive!’ . Things are concrete and 
"Return Of The Old Goat" is set to be released on September 8Th, 2014.

Just recently you released “Return Of The Old Goat”, which in my eyes and ears is a sonic assault of pure black metal the way it should be. Did you do anything different in the studio this time as opposed to the other times you went and recorded stuff?  
Return Of The Old Goat is a nail that will withstand time, and therefore needed to be recorded and mastered very differently than our previous offerings. Things that were done differently was in particular the drums, we had more mic coverage to cover every inch of the drums, also there was a lot of attention focused on the mastering as well these two things where a complete different process then before. 

How is the music scene where you are based out of and have you had a chance to play live much?
Sargatanaz :The underground here in Los Angeles, California is very diverse, you have many thrash bands, some death metal but for the majority hardly any Black Metal that stands out. Our last live ritual was back in 2010 with Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (GER) and Inquisition ; we have been more focused on recording and writing new craft since then, but we are now ready to strike again with a live ritual unlike before; when the time is right .

Where do you see the black metal scene in say 5 years? Can the scene ever get back to the way it used to be many moons ago? 
I see it the same way it is now if not worse given the commercialization of it all truly disgusting. The scene will never be what it once was; true Black Metal lives in the individual that is devout and all the die hards of Black Metal, the labels, the zines, and a few bands who hold this true. BLACK METAL IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!

Please plug any websites you have? 
Sargatanaz: Official Site:

Any last words and horns up for doing this interview.
Death To The False, Black Metal Is Not For Everyone.
Be hailed all the true Worshippers Of The Pentagram!

Interviewed by Chris Forbes
August 2014