Country: Norway
Title: Intrinsic
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2021
Style: Black Metal

If Technical Death Metal is a defined and approved thing everywhere, Technical Black Metal is less used to label certain releases, but this debut album by Inflabitan is definitely of that breed. Inflabitan is the solo project of the man with the same moniker who used to be a member of Strid and even helped out Dodheimsgard live a few times; after 2 demos released in '93 and '94, the project was put on ice until now when we see the somehow surprising release of its debut album, hopefully not the only album. With the help of drummer AntiChristian (ex. Tsjuder) and another guest Totembjorn who wrote the lyrics (and what a great job he did!), Inflabitan managed to come up with a fresh, original, unconventional album, where he does not follow any specific patterns but pushes the boundaries which is quite impressive for this day and age. Some parts might sound like Pagan Black Metal, some like furious Black Death Metal, some like absolutely devastating Death Metal, but overall the resulting impression is of a highly technical and intricate Black Metal release that might sound abrasive and unfriendly to your stomach at first, but give it a few tries, it will certainly grow on you and will allow you to discover new angles with each new listening; definitely not an instant hit, but rather a magnificent beast that unveils it's glory after some time. Really impressive work!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10