Country: Sweden
Title: Ectogenesis
Label: Liminal Spaces Distribution
Year: 2021
Style: Progressive Metal

Ok, I remember I've listened to Phidion's latest (and only) album, and liking it, but Oliver's vocals on this project of his are far from my preferences unfortunately, that's why I was so surprised at first. Oliver is the vocal of Phidion, and since 2019 he started this Progressive (Thrash) Metal project called Terravoid. Here I have the band's debut EP, 4 tracks in almost 25 minutes of playing time, a sci-fi, dystopian themed, synthetic sounding Progressive Metal with Oliver's vocals sounding very, very robotic (maybe not the right word), very atonal, with no trace of melody or melodic line at least, he sounds totally aphonic on this debut EP, and I'm sorry to say it, but it's better to be honest, so from this point of view I totally despise this project, but there are also some points about it I can and did get into. The guitar work and synths create a futuristic, very expressive atmosphere, permitting the listener to get into Terravoid's world even without reading the lyrics. There's plenty of aggression and eerie feelings to make you feel like you're on hostile territory, and even though the drums are programmed and sound totally synthetic, they sound like that's how they are supposed to sound, like that is the perfect way for them to be fitted within the music. The guitar work is acting mostly on Thrash Metal grounds, and I like how well they blend with the keyboards creating an almost majestic feeling at times. All in all this is an interesting new project, and the fact I don't like how Oliver did his vocals here doesn't mean it's without value, it only means I don't get it, so if you're into either Industrial Metal, Sci-Fi Metal, Progressive Metal, or Progressive Thrash, try it out!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10