Country: Australia
Title: Future Usurper
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Death Metal

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Crypt Crawler have already reached with Future Usurper their second full-length album although they were founded as a band only in 2018; 2 albums in 3 years of existence say a lot on the band's dedication and determination, and seeing the response they got from specialized press and public for this new album, it all seems to start paying off. Future Usurper is a 10 tracks effort clocking almost 50 minutes in length, offering compositions that seem to be heavily influenced by masters of the Tech Thrash Death from both US and UK scene, and here I'm thinking of Death (obviously) and Testament on the one hand, and Cancer and even Carcass on the other, but the final result I wouldn't say is copying any of the above-mentioned, it's just there are some parts that are reminiscent. I wouldn't say Crypt Crawler are very original but the quality of their compositions, the diversity and overall tightness are proving the band to be extremely talented and well capable of developing their own sound if they'll continue coming up with new material at this pace. Future Usurper is fronted by a killer cover artwork, perfect for such a high-class old-school Death Metal release, then music-wise offers mid-tempo to fast paced rhythms, a clean production, upfront, old-school Death Metal vocals that remind of Tardy from Obituary but also with plenty of modern inflections, plenty of headbanging riffing with leads that tend to be memorable and some of them really are as such, even some melodic leads and solos thrown here and there, all this supported by a very energetic rhythm section that's mixed quite upfront making them highly noticeable throughout the whole album. All in all Crypt Crawler have produced a tight new Thrashing Death Metal album that might not be a milestone for the genre, but it will certainly rank in many of the year end tops this year, check it out yourselves!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10