Country: Canada
Title: Malignant Deviation
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Death Metal

As Canadian Wake have recently signed to Metal Blade and Josh Bueckert, their drummer, is part of Abjection as well, I'm pretty sure people will consider this as a side-project of his, so it's only on them to prove otherwise. Anyway, this is Abjection's debut, a 6 tracks EP clocking close to 25 minutes in running-time, a fast-paced, totally oppressive, brutal Blackened Death Metal that takes no prisoners. Heavy riffage, fast-paced and quite intricate drumming, upfront, fat bass lines and darkened growls that are mixed somehow in the background or at most in line with the instruments, so not a real leading element in band's music and one could expect. I'd say old-school Blackened Death Metal on the same direction as Necrophobic or God Dethroned, with good, complex compositions, but without a certain aspect to make the band stand out from the crowd. It's brutal and dark music, a good debut, but the band needs to come up with something of their own to make them memorable.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10