Country: Cyprus
Title: Cosmic Apostasy
Label: Independent
Year: 2017
Style: Groove Death Metal

Nekhrah comes straight from the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, and was founded back in 2011 as Impalement; the band is active under the current moniker since 2015 and so far this is their one and only official release, their debut album. Released in 2017 by the band, Cosmic Apostasy features 8 tracks of Groove Death Metal with serious Thrash and maybe Deathcore and Brutal Death influences, too; sounds quite modern, and speaking for myself I have enjoyed mostly the metallic, heavy and groovy at the same time guitar riffs and their overall mix within the whole, but the vocals (a mix between shrieks and modern cuffed-mic Deathcore-like vocals) are far from my cup of tea, actually they prevented me from really enjoying the album. The drums section is tight and quite resourceful, same for the bass lines that make their presence heard all the time, at times even break into upfront rampage, so the rhythm section is covered up by some serious musicians. The whole is a balanced mix between old and new, between generic and already-heard type of riffs and rhythms and incursions into experimenting with rhythm changes and even genre changes, so all in all the band has definite potential, as I said I'm not sold just because of the type of vocals, but by all means give the band a chance, you might like the vocals as well. One more thing I have to mention: even if the physical material is independent, this Digipak CD looks stunning, beside the amazing cover artwork presented in embossed fashion, the lyrics are listed directly on the gatefold pages of the digipak, no booklet being used, which gives more heaviness to the band in my opinion.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10