Country: Russia
Title: Legends
Label: Grimm Distribution
Year: 2017
Style: Folk Black Metal

The band was founded in 2013 and this is their debut and so far only full-length album, a 10 tracks material with a duration of 40 minutes. All around this band and release is in Russian, so for foreigners it might be tricky to get into its atmosphere, and so it was for me; to be honest I was getting a ton of such releases back in the end of the '90's - begining of the 2000's, with similar sound and production, so I feel like this album is straight from those years, there's nothing to make me think otherwise, even the keyboard and guitar tones they use are from that period. The drums sound is too synthetic for my taste and I don't like how the drums are mixed within the whole, they are too upfront, capturing yoru attention most of the time, so you find youself following the drums rather than following the whole music. Normally listening to a band that sounds like in the begining of the 00's would be quite fine for me as I grew up in those years, but in this case, being prevented to understand even a bit of their lyrical content, I felt quite distant throughout the audition. Yes, it has its good moments, a few guitar leads and solos are worth mentioning, and they seem to sound better when the rhythms are faster, but that's not enough to make this an interesting material, at least for me, I don't think I will revisit it again.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 5/10