Country: Spain
Title: Los que no respiran
Label: Malevolent Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Technical Doom Death Metal

New trio hailing from Madrid, Spain, presenting her their debut material, a 3 tracks EP clocking close to 15 minutes of playing time released physically in form of a Pro-CDR with 4 pages booklet featuring all lyrics. I like the matte production of the booklet, inlay and CD print, it resonates with the music quite a lot, it gives an old-school touch to it. The compositions are not that old-school I'd say, I'd rather position them in a doomy Technical Death Metal with passages and influences from Progressive Death, Brutal Death and even Atmospheric Metal. Blunt structures, chaotic at first sight but finely calculated, based on frequent rhythm changes and highlighted by heavy guitar riffs, a throaty and hoarse main vocal supported at times by shrieks, and an upfront, dominating bass line. What can I say, the band demonstrate they have talent and are willing (even looking) to experiment s much as possible, but this comes with a price, it makes their music more niched, more targeted towards a narrower slice of public, if that's what they are after, they are certainly on the right path. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10