Please tell us about the history of your band and its members
We are Warhawk from Venice (Italy), a band made on June 2011. In that period everyone of us have just finished our experiences with their previous projects and we’ve got the idea to set up this band, following our common passion for Heavy Metal. That experiences was quite different as kind of music, the range was from Black and Thrash Metal to Punk Hardcore and Crust passing through Hard Rock. It was longtime we want to made HM stuff so we hadn’t any difficulty to shape our musical identity as a band. So the riffs making process, was in short, very easy. Nowithstanding that we didn’t recorded imediately a product, but we started very soon making several live shows till our first self product Down In Hell release on february 14th 2014. We print few copies (250) and it goes sold out on few months. Actually we are continuing to make live shows, composing new stuff and we started a partnership with the ukranian Dead Center Prods for the second Down In Hell release.

How would you describe your style? Wich bands influenced your music?
As said before we play an old school HM, in effect our sound should remember 80's glorious ten years. We follow several styles on riffs, without forgetting to link each others with an efficient arrangement. Our songs alternate both, fast riffs of Speed Metal and the melodic ones of NWOBHM. It’s very hard to target our songs on one o few bands, because everybody take part to every track with their personal tastes.

Why metalheads should buy your demos/albums?
We spend lot of energy on live promotion, everytime we have fun and we try to convey our attitude to entertain the public. People feels it and music makes the rest. Of course there are many persons who can’t come to our gigs, so there are many ways to listen some songs on socials and stream sites. We don’t want to convince anyone buying the cd, there are no words that can’t explain better than the same music. Moreover if people likes old school HM, they have to be incentivized listening to Warhawk!

What have you release so far and how were your releases received by the public/media?
On February 14th 2014 we released a 7 tracks cd called Down In Hell. Everything was beyond our expectations. People are positively impressed, someone told us that Down in Hell is the more expressive 80‘s window on present days. This is one of the best compliments we evere received because we play the music that grows us from childhood. Our followers comes from new generations too, so we think that is not necessary to spend our money for having digital shorcuts and, in our opinion, unnatural.
By media we received everything we waited for, good or excellent reviews. We didn’t received negatives opinions, just precious suggestions, for obtain the best for the future: we are investing for a more efficient backline, for live and recording sessions, we are trying many composition ways, without forgetting our old school attitude. Of course the people who writes reviews puts on that, subjectives and personal opinions, so we tryies to make a careful selection of everything they wrote. Down in Hell right now is been released again in partnership with Dead Center Prods, because the first self product print was sold out in very few months.

Do you play live as well? How’s your live activity so far?
Live shows are very important for us, it’s the best way to promote music and to be communicatives so we try to make as gigs as possible. Warhawk finds the real dimension on that, and people feels it. Sadly there are many bands who uses socials to promote their very expensives works with fucking viral marketing actions, or worst, they pay someone to find clubs where playing. Contra we want to put our face on everything we do, because we are proud of that, for better or for worse.   Right now we suspend live activities to focus our attention just on new stuff, but it’s very hard, sometime we need to jump onstage.

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why they should be intrested on it?
Because we are like them. We made Warhawk because we have passion about this kind of music and bands are no one without someone who spread this music. We think a big part of them are moved by the same passion. Just a review is a support form and sometimes, thank that, we can have ideas about our working way on future. Luckily Down In Hell reviews are good and live reports too.

What plans do you have for the next future as a band?
We try to combine a good live activity with the new release, but not excessive, because we can’t stop to create new stuff for the studio on the next future.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff? 

October 2014