Let’s start from the beginning. In the year 1999 there were some rumours in official media about „The End of The World”, taken from Nostradamus’ prophecies, but you just founded Ferocity...
We decided to play death metal and leave sth from us before The End of World, although we wanted to be placed in www.Metal – Archives.com before The Big Booom, he, he... Seriously death metal was always very important thing for all of us. In the 90th we were fascinated of „ritual” of discovering new bands, changing music stuff on cassettes, meeting new people on gigs, be in touch with bands, etc...Next step was to try playing our sounds and feeling emotions connected with playing metal. The year 1999 was for us the start of our new way, which way we still walking, that was a start of seriously playing metal. This time we created our first official tracks, which were „saturated” by american death metal from 90th. My private favourite sounds were NY’s and Florida’s death metal scene and Bay Area’s thrash. We played as a trio: Habib, Marro and Tomek plus automatic percussion and we polished our playing very much. After some weeks we started to search for „living” drummer. We found some of them, but nobody was a master of drumming. Important moment of Ferosity was a day, when Sebastian from Broken Sword (drums) and Pavulona (vocalist, ex. Sphere) came to us. That was in 2005, and this time we started to play as Ferosity. At the beginning of 2006 we recorded our first material „Overthrown Divinity” and we sent this material everywhere we could. Some time later we got a lot of positive comments from listeners and media. We were satisfied that our music, which we played just for fun and pleasure, was liked by the people. This time Tomek from REDRUM 666 Records contacted with us and we re-released our staff with some bonuses. In the next 2 years we played some concerts and worked on our the 2nd album „Primordial Cruelty”, which was finally released in 2008. In 2009 we received a lot of good reviews. In 2010 Pavulon leaved us and Maniak (ex. Deprived) joined us. We are just working with material for our 3rd album now.

When we met at folkmetal gig in Warsaw’s club Kociol, you were wearing t-shirt of Suffocation. In contemporary, crazy mad times this fact is not obvious, but we started to talk because we both know and like Suffocation. Now thrash is „on the top” again,  death metal „goes to defence”, what do you think about it?
I don’t think so that thrash is on the top now, and I’m not sure that any of classical metal genre was anytime on the top of metal scene. Balance of popularity of metal genres can make small changes, but this is rather stable. I’m sure that thrash, death and black have still true fans. I can’t tell, what is fashionable between young metallers now. When I looked at the large crowd on that folkmetal gig when we met, I thought that folkmetal had „the 2nd youth” - or maybe just the first? I don’t know... Similar situation is at deathcore’s gigs. Average age on the concerts is really low. Maybe for older fans classical genres like thrash or death are not interesting now, too old and too boring, that is why we can’t see a lot of fans at typical death /thrash gigs? E.g. at the cycle of gigs called „Mass Murder” organised by our vocalist, Maniak, at one edition turned up 150 people, another time just only 15... Would you try to find any logic of it, heh? So coming back to your question – I listen to a lot of metal genres but death metal is my number one forever. 

OK, let’s stay in themes of death metal. Pure old, american „carnage” now is not so popular,  a lot of band try to play metal with core influences. Ferosity is still classical death metal. What are the fans reactions at your gigs?
Reactions are very different. Majority of people, who come to as after concerts is pleasantly surprised. They congratulate us and tell us that this is very good, that do exist the bands, which still play good, old school death metal, without core or black influences. However I got some different opinion too, that Ferosity is boring because we are not similar to Azarath or Behemoth. In my opinion in our contemporary times pure music is not enough to interest people. Without media and big labels supports a lot of band vegetate and play for few fans. In retrospect 10 years I can mention ten bands, with which we played and these bands are split-up now, because these bands didn’t have fan’s support. I remember too that some of these bands had a great equipment which I envied them... Other opinions are that Ferosity hasn’t a stage show. Heh, what kind of show we can do if just only our drummer still has a long hair, heh? Well, we don’t wear skin-trousers and tonas of nails. Our shows are doomed to failure, heh...  We don’t have a pression for satanic show or playing just for big audience. From time to time we will play small gig for some people, other time we will support Suffocation for more maniacs. Of course it’s better to play for pogo under the stage than for static people with folded hands  - but the second option is good too.

What about these gigs? What was the situation in 2000, what is now?
Since some years there has been a similar situation. From one moment frequency of fans has been in crisis and this situation still exists. This is „theme-river” in a lot of inties and I can’t say nothing new... Change is in one position  - all young bands, these absolutely unknown too, has own full equipment now, in 2000 that was rare. 

Let’s back and talk about your music stuff. Ferosity released two albums, one in 2006, the next three years later. What are the differencies beetween these albums, what about lyrics?
"Overthrown Divinity" is a slow and heavy stuff. Now I think, that this album is too raw, but I read a lot of good reviews, that is why I don’t polemise with it. Tracks on this album are pure deat metal in american style, like Incantation, old Immolation and old Monstrosity. On this album you can’t find typical for popular in Poland black-death „grain meat”. We prefere „heaviness” than speed. When we worked with this album, we didn’t turn on to one of metal genres, pieces were released naturally, but after positive reviews, which compared us with American legends stayed us in our opinion, that we are influenced by old school death metal. We just walked this way, in our opinion – good way! "Primordial Cruelty" is a mile step of our career. Heavy sounds, careful arrangement, all created as we would like and as we felt. Progress of composes, more and different riffs, faster tempo. Both of our albums have one common point – lyrics of Habib. Our texts are about dark side of human.

Death metal and what else? I know that you like folk music...
Yes, I like folk very much, especially Irish, Breton and all taken from Celtic culture. In my collection I got a lot of CDs of the bands like Lunasa, The Chieftains, Tri Yann and Polish Celtic groups like Shannon, Beltaine and Carrantuohill. I like Scandinavian folk to, like Hendingarna, Garmarna, Varttina. However I like Polish folk with modern version like Mosaic, Tolhaje, Warsaw Village Band and South and Eastern Europe sounds like Ogrody Alamut, Yerba Mater and Dikanda. I like shanties too.

Let’s go back to concerts. Ferosity played a lot of gigs, do you remeber the most exited, this one which you will talk with your grandsons about? And do you remember the worst concert?
I’m sure I’ll talk to my grandsons about supporting Suffocation. When I came to stage, I felt as young band, which just started... I remember good gig in Nova Fest in Pulawy (Eastern Poland) in 2008 with group Centurion, Sphere, Deivos and Soul Snatcher. Great public, fantastic atmosphere. I have good memories too from gig in Warsaw’s Metal Cave with bands Metamorfizm and Cryptic Rites. Great sound, hell from speakers, full of live !!! About bad events – Death No Mercy Fest in Warsaw in 2007, there we played with Empheris, Embrional i Pyorrhoea. There were problems with equipment, some claims, bad atmosphere, we played without full power, I would like to forget about this gig.

Your plans for the nearest future... new album?
Yes, we have full stuff for our 3rd album. We will go to studio at October 2012. This will be 10 death metal track with funfuckingtasting riffs, heh. Our gig’s plan – we will play in Warsaw on next edition of „Mass Murder Metal Fest”, what else? We will see.

Where we can catch you in the ACTA time and world wide web era?
We have official profiles on bigger and better social portals, heh... But we still keep our official website with „com” domain. Please visit us on http://www.ferosity.com!  And, if you want to hear us in „one click technology” please visit these links:

And the last warm words for metal maniacs...
Greetings for Old School Death Metal Maniacs !!! Drink beer, come to gigs, use your life and listen to Ferosity’s albums !!!

Interview by Vilcin
Answers by Marek „Marro” Wrobel

April 2012

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