Country: Czech Republic
Title: Neoantichrist
Label: Satanath Records / Murdher Records
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

This is the first time I come across this band's name, even if it is around since 2002 and features some big names in the Czech Black Metal scene like Igor and Pavel from Root, or Parambucha from Asgard, and before Pavel took the drums, they were "operated" by Tomas from Lykathea Aflame (not Black Metal, I know, but still a well known name back in the beginning of the '00's). This new album, the band's second opus, comes out 12 years (!) after its predecessor, Hysteria in Coma, out in 2005, and in the meantime the band had no notable activity on discographic level, not sure how active they were live though. And judging by that, and the fact the band itself makes an aggressive and thorough promotion campaign for it, beside what the labels are supposedly doing, means not only that it was a really awaited material, but also one that represents the band in full at the moment, one that makes them darn proud, so from this point of view I'd say it's well worth at least an audition. There are 10 tracks offered here in a bit under 40 minutes of playing time, and what impressed me from the first audition was the veriety, the vast territory these compositions stretch without though leaving the Black Metal field at all, so the overall impression is still of a deeply Black Metal rooted band, not of an experimental one, rather an experimented and mature ensemble that knows exactly what and where to insert at any time. The album has its melodic parts, its blastbeats-induced furious Black Metal ones, and even some Thrash Death influenced ones, but the main attraction should be the versatility the band moves and builds complex structures. The guest appearance of Big Boss on the fourth track, Pray for Chaos!, is just the cherry on the cake, the album in itself has a lot of substance to offer to the listeners, so I can only recommend it to you, too!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10