Band: AIN
Country: Slovakia
Title: Strengthening of the Black Flame
Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

Here's a new band, coming from Slovakia, that managed to record and release their debut EP two years after their foundation. The material is made of only 3 tracks, but they are long (half an hour of playing time) and quite well built, with multiple and varied segments creating atmospheres from angry and freezing cold to slower paced that transpire a deep occult feeling. Really good, versatile, visceral vocals leads a seriously technical instrumental part that stands out through an upfront, maybe sometimes too loud, bass line that has its own identity, a frantic drummer that creates an impenetrable wall of sound so typical to Black Metal nowadays, and finally a guitar that offers both catchy riffs and memorable leads. Overall a very good debut, aggressive, intricate, avoiding boring moments, and although it's nothing ground-breaking, it shows the band has tremendous potential on both skills and imagination, let's see what the future will bring for them as they have already caught attention of some labels (this EP was released by IBDC on digipak version and Morbid Chapel on cassette).
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10