Country: Russia
Title: Mystic
Label: Defense Records
Year: 2019
Style: Thrash Metal

I had to google the label's releases in order to find what this band's name is as on the cover and booklet it's written only in Russian as Железный Поток. Despite that the band decided to have this version of Mysitic in English, so all track titles and lyrics are in English on this version, the previous version being released a year earlier by Metal Race Records all in Russian. 
Zelezniy Potok is a veteran band, founded back in 1988 and active until 1995 when they decided to call it quits just to get back to work 20 years (!) later, in 2015. With 4 albums released in the first period and now this is the third from the second life period of the band, one can clearly say we're dealing with a well-seasoned ensemble here, and from the sound of this album I'd say that shows in both composition and performance. Old-school Thrash Metal (think of a combination between Slayer and early Metallica) based on an avalanche of headbanging-friendly guitar riffs, fast and aggressive rhythm section, angry outbursts of guitar solos and commanding, somber vocals to top them all. Nothing out of the ordinary or surprising, but very well done, catchy and in a very professional manner, fans of the genre, especially their Russian fans, will surely enjoy the new material by a band that sounds as fresh and dedicated as when they were teens (I suppose).
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10