Band: PORN
Country: France
Title: The Ogre Inside Remixed
Label: Echozone / Les Disques Rubicon
Year: 2018
Style: Industrial Gothic Metal

To keep things fresh and active, French Gothic Metallers Porn decided to release this remixed version of their third studio album, with contributions from various artists: Heartlay, An Erotic End of Times, Thot and Aura Shred, all coming up with their own take on Porn's tracks. To be honest Porn have been active in the meantime with releasing a few EPs as well, so we're dealing with a hard-working band here and this is not just a form of relaying on their friends' input, on the contrary, is something new and original I think. The versions these artists offer us here are not very far away from what Porn offered on the actual album, maybe apart from Aura Shred who made a more Electro / Synth (Dance?) take on Porn's music, the other artists are on the Industrial Goth side as well. An enjoyable compilation of tracks that will certainly please the band's fans, and will also offer them a detached and relaxed hour of music; also recommended for open-minded fans of Gothic and Industrial Metal. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10