Howdy Tony! How are you? It's an honor having you featured in my zine.
The pleasure is mine! I’m fine thanks, pissed off and ready to kill!

You're around for so much time now that I think it's impossible for you to get out of the metal scene. Why do you stick to metal? What makes you do and listen to metal onwards?
17 years in this band, yes it’s indeed a long time. I guess I won’t be able to leave the metal scene and I don’t feel the need to either.  To be honest, the last years have got me even deeper into metal music. 
Why I stick to metal? Metal music gives me so much power, and creating this kind of music is the ultimate canalization of feelings. It’s like a drug to me. I need it and can’t live without it. I actually feel terrible bad during the writing process but I have to do it to reach this feeling of being complete.

For the ones that don't know you and your work, could you please introduce yourself?
Godhate comes from the mighty land in the north called Sweden. We perform death metal with its roots in early Grave, Entombed, Deicide and Morbid Angel. 
The band was formed in -91. We took the name Throneaeon in -94 and released our first demo in -95. Kept on with that name and released a couple of Cd’s until we changed name into Godhate in 2003. We released a new Mcd, entitled "Anguish”, but shortly thereafter the band was put on hold until this year, 2008, when it was reformed with a new line-up. 

You have started Thronaeon back in 1991. What do you recall from those days? Death metal was in it's peak moments, how old were you and what made you want more than being a listener?
Wow...1991. I was 15 years old back then. So many good memories… I mostly remember tapetrading and discovering and buying new cool death metal albums. I really went crazy by the massive power of Entombed, Deicide, Nirvana 2002, Bolt-thrower, Morbid Angel, Pungent stench, Suffocation etc. Screaming out loud along with the music and had some crazy ideas about dancing into each other and planned for mass stage diving party’s (Which apparently never happened) instead of all the discos at school. I just wanted more of this power and finally got the opportunity to scream in a band. I liked it and kept on with it.

Was Thronaeon your first attempt in playing metal?
Yes and no. As I said I had an opportunity to do the vocals in a band. But this didn’t last too long. Then I went on to do the vocals in a band called Succumb where Jens (guitarist in Godhate 1998-2006) where the headman together with Thomas (guitarist in Godhate 2008- ). When Jens moved on to another band Succumb was split up and I had already joined my brothers (Roger) band, which turned into Throneaeon. In Throneaeon I had to pick up the guitar for the first time (never played guitar before) along with the vocals.
What happened between '91 and '94? It's a silent period in the band's bio, but still, three years of silence...
It’s silent in the bio because we didn’t really keep a diary over things that happened. The line-up changed all the time and it was mostly a period we spent in the rehearsal room. Learning how to perform properly. We did some local liveshit and recorded a lot by ourselves. We even made a studio recording. But this demo was never official. I don’t even think anyone has a copy of it today.   

Afterwards you started attacking the scene with your releases, but still never got the attention you wanted. Was that because of your name only? How was your relationship with your labels, Hammerheart and Forensick?
I don’t know for sure the reasons for our lack of success. It’s probably a mix of many things.
We didn’t know what the music business was like but I had my ideas on how things should work and refused to listen to anyone else. I was afraid of letting go of control. I wasn’t a very social guy either, neither am today, but back then I was terrible. 
To be honest, the relationship with labels was good as long as Andreas (bass 1994-2002) took care of it.    

Although death metal was big when you started, you choose black metal, then when black was in the trend you changed to death metal. Why was that?
We have always been a death metal band; I think most people would agree on that. I would rather say that when many bands changed into black metal (around 92-93) we stood strong with our death metal along with bands like Vomitory, Deranged, Luciferion among others. 

What do you think now when listening to your "Neither of Gods" or "Godhate" albums? Are you proud of what you did? What could have been done better?
I’m proud of my creations. I try not to think too much of things that could have been better. There are of course many things I would have done different today, but in 2001 with the "Neither…” album we did it that way and in 2003 with the "Godhate” album we changed a lot and did some shit different. Some songs could have been shorter. For example the song "Enemies of thy god" from "Neither of gods” is a great song, but it should have been one verse shorter...

I won't ask you about why changing your band name, but I would like to know if now, after all these years under the Godhate banner, you're content of the decision you made.
 Yes, I am. It describes the message of the band better and people remember it. To "hate god”, or "god hates” like The wrath of god.  

During the years you have changed all the founder members of Godhate. Are you a difficult person to work with or why do you think you had all the time these unstable line-ups?
Yes, I might be considered difficult and hard to deal with. But I try to be honest and fair.  There have been members who wished to change the band music wise, and that is simply not an option. If you wish to be a part of GODHATE you have to become a part, it can’t be the other way around. You also have to work hard otherwise I get pissed off. I don’t need dreamers expecting miracles or me to be their bridge to success.
But the massive change in 2006 had, what have been said to me, serious reasons. Jens was tired of death metal (has been for many years), Clabbe (bass) has injuries in his back and Roger felt tired of looking for new members again. He hasn’t been the member who wanted to take this band further either.  

Being the mainman and founder of Godhate you imposed your own views in lyrics. Do you consider Godhate a satanist, an anti-christian or a band that hates all religions and cults? 
I don’t like labels. I’m an independent individual who disrespects organised religions. I feel a constant presence of powers that I don’t hesitate to use and call upon. 
Gods based on the religions of Abraham is evil. Satan, Lucifer, Belial are synonyms for the driving forces and the good of man. I oppose to any religious or other authorised oppression.  
These are some topics that my lyrics deal with. 
What does it make Godhate?  

Is this an important element in your band? Do you think you can change something or don't even try to? 
I write these lyrics to satisfy myself. My writings are my feelings canalized. My main purpose is to strengthen myself and if someone feels the same as me, then sing along and strengthen yourself. 

From the 2008 preview track you have on your Myspace I saw that Godhate has now a faster approach on death metal. What can you tell us about the tracks you are working on right now?
My goal was to go one step forward and two step backwards. Meaning that I wanted to awake the fury that is found on our early recordings and deliver them in a bit more modern way. 
The most important change is that all material is written alone. No co-operation with the rest of the band except a last approval.
The song on myspace doesn’t really represent the songs for the album. The tempo on one song or another is faster but the music is still GODHATE. The album will be fast, faster, heavy, groovy and technical. I also think the lyrics are much stronger this time. 

You have a new line-up. Can you tell us who are your colleagues now?
No, not yet. When the album is done.

When are you planning to release something new and what are your expectations from now on? Maybe a tour is on its way...?
We will enter the studio in August and the album shall be released during September if everything goes as planned.
From now on we expect to be one of the leading death metal bands on planet earth.  
At the moment we are working on a European tour for September/ October and a US tour for late 2008. But nothing’s signed yet so will see what happens.
Do you think the metalheads from today are ready for your metal, or are you ready for today's requirements? Is the scene going better or worse than in the '90's?
Fuck if I know… The competition today is bigger than ever, but I know we are among the best bands there is. We just do what we like to do and I think that if we keep on the same musical path instead of trying to be commercial we will succeed. And if not, then we are most pleased with the same number of fans we have had over the years. 

Your interviews usually end up with your "Support the Underground" statement. Any underground bands that caught your attention lately?
Ha ha, so you noticed!? Well, that’s one thing important within the death metal scene, supporting the underground. Still miss the good old days. Today I hang out a lot on myspace finding new bands all the time. Vilefuck, Intrive, Volturyon, Hell Patrol and many, many more bands. 

Thanks for your time, Tony, wish you well and hope to talk again when you'll release the album. P(b)est regards!
Thanks to you for paying attention to GODHATE. Keep posted to our myspace site at

June 2008