Country: Sweden
Title: By Human Hands
Label: Cryptorium Records
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

Although recorded only one year after their debut demo, in 2016 (don't know why it took them 2 years to release it though), I was sure the new material will be different from the previous, and it is to some extent. If the style remained the same, Swedish Death Metal the Stockholm way, Envig decided to polish their material a bit more and the new recording sounds more professional but at the same time more stuffed, less aired than their demo, and honestly I prefer the demo sound. Then the band decided to add a bit more crunch to the guitar riffs, to sound a bit more like the forefathers of the genre, and to me that's not necessarily a good thing though (this may be due to the final mix and master, not necessarily of a change in guitar effects). On the other hand the music id more complex, the rhythms are more varied and basically the band is stretching more during these almost 40 minutes of playing time. The hooks are still there, maybe even more this time, the tracks are more memorable, it's just that for me their demo made a bigger impact, the band is definitely one of the best in this genre surfacing lately within the scene, and hopefully they'll followup with a new album soon, it should be just about time. It's cool their lyrics are in both Swedish and English, opening doors to more audience, and also the fact that the vocals, although growls, are almost all comprehensive is a big plus for the band. All in all, if you're into Swedish Death Metal or Bolt Thrower-like Death Metal, you should check out this band. Hail Jamaica (! :)
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10