Country: Switzerland
Title: Those
Label: Czar of Crickets Productions
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

Third album from Swiss Black Metallers Cold Cell, and the third released under a diffrent label, this time under Czar of Crickets; probably the collaboration with Avantgarde Music on their second album didn't go so well, or maybe CoC made such a tempting offer it made the band decide. Cold Cell offer us here 8 long tracks of modern, melodic at times, energetic at other, calm and semi-acoustic elements intertwined with a lot of energetic, aggressive, and oppressive parts. The compositions here can easily become mesmerizing and hypnotic, especially as the album progresses, but the band instered a lot of rhythm breaks in order to keep thing fascinating and varied. The atmospheres range from sad, sorrowful, to desperate, to aggressive and offensive (when things get tight, we get some really claustrophobic, ultra-fast and absolutely brutal type of Black Metal), even to calm and meditative-like, so there's much to enjoy and discover here; the technical display is stunning on both the calm and aggressive parts, the build-up of the tension in each track is masterful, and taken all together you'll feel like part of a story (or multiple for that matter), the music won't let you numb for sure. An experienced, inventive band this Cold Cell.
I find important to mention the nice idea to have alternative covers for this release meaning the digipak comes with 3 different panels that you can "set" as main cover, each with both sides portraying something. Interesting idea.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10