Country: France
Title: Watch your 6
Label: Fantai'Zic
Year: Groove Metal
Style: 2020

It's not often you get across a Groove Metal band that delivers a concept album about a historical event like the World War I, but that's exactly what French did on their second studio album, Watch your 6, a 10 tracks material with a total duration of over 50 minutes. My copy of their Digipak CD released by Fantai'Zic came with a 6 page leaflet with info on the band, the album and most important, about each of the 10 tracks featured, the stories behind them all, and that painted the exact concept the band created here; it would have been excellent for the listener to receive the same leaflet together with the CD, although it comes with an 8 pages booklet featuring all lyrics that are quite expressive and informative as well, not to mention the cover and inside artwork that are strongly linked with the subject. Maybe it does, I don't know. Anyway, talking about the band's music on the album we're dealing again, as in their first album's case, with an alternative type of Metal with all sort of influences from Groove Metal to Alternative Metal to Metalcore, even some Punk Rock, Post Metal or Thrash Metal, so you can easily guess how wide this palette of genres is and how open to influences the band is. Compared to their debut album, I feel this one more on my alley, darker, more emotional, more metallic sounding and the choice of topics is a huge bonus even though one would expect such a lyrics topic from a Black Metal band mostly. I have enjoyed the complete album as a whole and I really think it's an improvement from their debut, I see less and less Slipknot references in their music and a vision that might lead this band to higher peaks. And to name something negative in my books I'd mention the vocals mix, too in front of the instruments, often capturing the listener's attention in full and the desperate Metalcore-like screams of the backing (or second) vocalist don't help much either...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10