Country: Russia
Title: Selfdestruction Anthems
Label: Wings of Destruction
Year: 2021
Style: Punk Black Metal

Debut album by this Tula based quartet founded in 2017, Selfdestruction Anthems features 12 tracks and clock almost 40 minutes. The music is a raw and dirty combination of Punk and Black Metal, with some Death Metal influences overall. The demented screaming vocals steal the show from the first track and continue throughout the whole album; not only they are so high-pitched and abrasive, but they are also mixed maybe too much in front of the instruments so it's impossible not to have them hit your first. they are good vocals, no doubt about that, bit in the mix they kind unfairly of leave the instruments behind. Anyway, the instrumental part is good as well, devastating, uncompromising, fast paced, ultra-heavy Black Metal with Punk Crust on top and some slower and more sinister Death Metal influences here and there; no trace of melody here but there's plenty of diversity, the riffs are clever and give individuality to each track, the bass comes forth here and there, and the drumming is total devastation, pretty much what a fan of the genre would expect from such a release. Released initially by the band in 2020, then by WoD on CD a year later.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10